Clarins DO Contouring!

Clarins launch a contouring palette this month. It's limited, and I am interested to know what Clarins fans will make of it. Contouring is a massive trend in beauty, but is it on the way out? Perhaps. But there is still a market for it, and this new contouring palette will tap into that. It's a pretty simple palette with three shades, to create flattering angles,  to enhance features, to give a luminous complexion that has defined contour and … [Read more...]

Illuminate your skin for the New Year!

If you're heading out on Hogmanay, chances are you're going to feel a little bit under the weather on the first day of the New Year - and that means your skin will be a little lacklustre and tired too. The hangover, I can't help with (though I do think a fry up and some full fat Coca Cola helps!). The tired skin? I can help with that. Illuminate, illuminate, illuminate. Make sure you have at least one of these beauties in your arsenal … [Read more...]

Illamasqua’s Antimatter Lipsticks

It's fair to say that one of the big beauty trends of 2016 was matte lipstick. Illamasqua is taking us into 2017 by bucking that trend - slightly - with the launch of their AntiMatter Lipstick. This new lipstick range is a semi-matte range, in 16 fabulous new shades. There are also key shades in the range that can change other colours into softer, or deeper hues. The lipstick finish is a matte, yet creamy finish, a bit of a beauty … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Red Hot Collection

Ah, Bobbi Brown loves her reds. I never thought I would say that. I've been in this game so long, I can actually remember when Bobbi Brown had NO red lipsticks. And, apparently, she launched her brand in 1991 because she was sick of reds! Times change, however, and bold, bright, mostly red, lipstick is back in vogue. Back in 2010, Bobbi launched a red lipstick range - read more about that here - and now she's starting off 2017 with her Red Hot … [Read more...]

Sisley Beauty Subscription

There are TONS of beauty subscription boxes to choose from. Some are great, some not so, but none are probably as luxurious as this one from Sisley. The French beauty brand launched their subscription earlier this year, and it is a little different to others. You can purchase a six-month, or a year-long subscription, and you will receive five lovely Sisley samples a month, delivered to your door. You can then try the lovely products, before you … [Read more...]

12 Gifts of Christmas – Illamasqua

It’s Christmas! Well, almost. So, for 12 days on the blog, I’ll be bringing you 12 Gifts of Christmas –  a delightful dozen that every beauty fan will love! Illamasqua has some lovely gift sets for Christmas, which, if you are a fan of the brand, you are going to love. They focus on the brand's best-selling items, and are all encased in brilliant packaging based on their Extinct collection. This one is the Eyes That Hypnotise Gift Set. It … [Read more...]

Beauty Crackers

I love a Christmas cracker, but let's be honest, the contents can disappoint. A tired old paper hat, a rubbish joke, and another useless keyring/plasticring/puzzle are not things we need. But the contents of these fabulous beauty crackers - now we're talking! There are loads out there, and whilst they're not all strictly crackers (pulling them open is not advisable) they would look fantastic on the Christmas table. Boots No7 Gifts for the … [Read more...]

Beauty Baubles

Who doesn't love a little extra gift at Christmas? I know I do! So, for any beauty lovers you know, a beauty bauble is the perfect little extra. Here are a few cute little tree gifts to choose from. Boots No7 Lip Duo (£8) contains two lip glosses - Deep Pink and Nude Pink, perfect for lip gloss fans! I adore this Atlas Silks Heart Soap in a Tin (£4.99) from Heathcote & Ivory, so cute, and a lovely soap. The Accessorize Citrus … [Read more...]

12 Gifts of Christmas – Charlotte Tilbury

It’s Christmas! Well, almost. So, for 12 days on the blog, I’ll be bringing you 12 Gifts of Christmas –  a delightful dozen that every beauty fan will love! Charlotte Tilbury's festive collection is all about the Legendary World of Parties - she loves a party, our Charlotte! This cute gift set is her Dreamy Look in a Clutch, and has everything you need in a clutch shaped gift box, to create this dreamy look. The clutch includes Legendary … [Read more...]

12 Gifts of Christmas – Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour

It’s Christmas! Well, almost. So, for 12 days on the blog, I’ll be bringing you 12 Gifts of Christmas –  a delightful dozen that every beauty fan will love! Today, our gift comes from Elizabeth Arden, and includes the iconic Eight Hour Cream. I love this multipurpose beauty balm, full of restorative properties. It soothes my psoriasis better than anything, and it is also a fab lip balm. For Christmas, and all that kissing under the … [Read more...]