NEW Clinique Chubby Plump & Shine Liquid Lip Plumping Gloss

Clinique have a new Chubby! It has another of those infuriatingly long names - officially known as Clinique Chubby Plump & Shine Liquid Lip Plumping Gloss! This one is a liquid lip product, and is a high-shine gloss which will make lips appear filler, smoother and more plumped. It's one of those 'no mirror needed' beauty products - just apply and go! Obviously, that means there isn't a lot of pigment involved. Whilst plumping and … [Read more...]

Estee Lauder’s New Pure Color Love Lipstick

ESTEE LAUDER has launched a whole new line of lipsticks - 30 of them to be precise, in loads of colours, and loads of finishes. The new Pure Color Love range has to have something for everyone. There isn't really a lot I can say about these lipsticks, and I've only tried one of them - one of the nude ultra mattes. It is Matte, but the colour isn't for me. This one, pictured below, is Crazy Beautiful in a cream finish. So, there are 13 … [Read more...]

Chocolate Shades for Easter

Afraid of eating waaaaaay too much chocolate this Easter weekend? Fear not, beauty fans - here's another way to get that chocolate fix - with gorgeous chocolate shades for eyes, lips, and more. I have to admit that brown is a difficult lip colour for me. I think it reminds me of the 90s too much. And Urban Decay's Vintage Vice Lipstick in Roach (£15, and counters) is straight out of the 90s! Part of the vintage collection to … [Read more...]

Clinique’s BIY Blend It Yourself Pigment Drops

Clinique have aced it again in terms of innovation, and, again, IT'S SO SIMPLE! All hail the just-launched BIY Blend It Yourself Pigment Drops. I LOVE this innovative product. It's a teeny-weeny bottle of pigment that you add to your favourite moisturiser for your preferred makeup finish. if you want sheer, add one drop, medium coverage, a couple, full coverage, a wee bit more. So. Simple. Bespoke beauty at its very best. The pigments are … [Read more...]

Prime Time with Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder launch a revolution in priming this month with their Double Wear 3 Minute Priming Moisture Mask. They also launch The Smoother Universal Perfecting Primer to add to their primer family. I wrote a feature for the Daily Record all about primers recently- read the article here -  and most makeup artists would agree they are essential for a great base. But this new mask formula is innovative to say the least. Of course it's a sheet … [Read more...]

NEW Sisley Phyto Blush Twist

I love a 'stick' product. Anything I can just sweep over my face, or quickly fill my lips in with. Clinique obviously led the revolution when they launched their Chubby Sticks a few years back, but plenty have followed suit. Sisley launched a lip crayon, and eyeshadow stick, and now a cheek version - the Phyto Blush Twist. Sisley are at the top end of the luxury beauty world, and the products are not cheap. These blusher sticks are £45 each, and … [Read more...]

Harvey Nichols Big Beauty GWP

If you are going to spend over £195 on beauty products from this week, then make sure you do it at Harvey Nichols, and on three or more pieces. That way, you qualify for their big beauty Gift With Purchase, which this year is a beauty, if you'll pardon the pun! Beauty addicts you are going to love this. I am going to list all of the products in the GWP at the end of this post, for now, it's safe to say, there are loads. They are worth a whipping … [Read more...]

Peachy Keen Too Faced Collection

Too Faced's Sweet as Peach collection is cute - and if you like scented cosmetics, then it's definitely for you. I find the scent a little bit cloying, but I adore the packaging. The Creamy Lip Oil Lip Gloss (£16) comes in eight shades, with fab names like Papa Don't Peach. I love that one. I've tried Peach Tease, Peach, Please! and Peach Fuzz. If it's bold colour you want, these are not for you, but they are really hydrating and creamy, and … [Read more...]

Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara & Brow Shake Powder

I wonder how many more different mascaras will launch over the years? I have seen so many in the years I've been a beauty writer, I've forgotten half of them! Vibrating mascara wands, layered mascaras, combs instead of wands, silicone, fibres, all sorts... Rimmel has now launched another new mascara - the Volume Shake Mascara - with more new technology involved. It's the first-to-market (that means there may be more of them to come!) Shake-Shake … [Read more...]

NEW Boots No7 Airbrush Away Sheer Foundation and Powder

Boots No7 has added two new products to their Airbrush Away collection - which I have to admit I didn't even know existed! But welcome, Airbrush Away Sheer Finish Foundation and Translucent Finishing Powder. The No7 Airbrush Away Sheer Finish Foundation (£16.50) is a sort of hybrid between primer and foundation. It gives just a light veil of colour, for a fresh, natural finish. It's very soft, easily blendable, and very light. So not for you if … [Read more...]