Benefit Brow Starter Kits

Remember when Benefit launched a million brow products earlier this year? Well, now they’ve sorted them all out for you, and popped them into cute little brow kits in even cuter tins. (Who doesn’t love a tin?!)

Benefit launched all the brow products you could ever need and then some back in June this year. It got a wee bit confusing at times, there were just so many products to choose from.


But now, in the shape of cute little Brow Starter kits, there are products for just the type of brows you desire. So, if you want to define those brows, highlight them softly, or go big and bold, there’s a kit to choose from.

First up, the Soft & Natural Brows Kit which will give you all you need for natural-looking brows. It also includes beginner-friendly tips and tricks to you can have total confidence in what you are doing. The products in this kit are the Goof Proof Brow Pencil (one of my fave products), the High Brow Pencil, a creamy highlighting pencil, Ready, Set, Brow, an invisible shaping and setting gel for brows, and Shaping Stencils – these I am not so sure of, but they are quirky, and do come with a little holder, so you can hold them up against your brow to get them in the right place!


The Defined & Refined Brows Kit will shape your brows up like a pro, but they won’t be too bold. This kit contains Browvo! Conditioning Primer, Precisely, My Brow Pencil, an ultra-fine brow defining pencil, High Brow Pencil, a creamy brow highlighting pencil, and a Brow Mapping Tool, which will help you get that symmetrical shape.


Finally, the Bigger & Bolder Brows Kit allows you to boost those brows and dial up the drama, with buildable colour. The products in this kit are fab, and really do give you stand-out brows/ There’s the ka-BROW! Cream-Gel Brow Colour with brush, which I really love. Ready, Set, Brow, the invisible shaping and setting gel, and High Brow Pencil hold and highlight. And this kit also has Shaping Stencils so you can create the perfect shape.


Whichever Brow Starter Kit you choose, the products are fab, the kits are full of tips and tricks, and you get a gorgeous little tin as well.

Benefit Brow Starter Kits, £28.50 each, available now from Benefit locations, and