Bright Beauty Tools at Superdrug

I popped into Superdrug last week, and I spotted these bright coloured beauty tools. Now, I am a sucker for anything bright and bold, particularly in the primary colours, and I had to have them.

There were more, but I stopped at seven – not sure why, as they were on a 3 for 2, but there you go. In my slight hysteria at their bright beauty, I miscounted.


I could have bought more, considering they are priced between £1 and £3. What?! How can this even be? Where do you get anything that cheap these days?!

Let’s start with the sponges – cute, right, and totally instagrammable. The green I chose for the colour, and after using it a few times, I’m happy to report, it’s not the worst, but not the best. The makeup does sink into it a little bit, but the shape is good.

I haven’t used the lips or lipstick shaped red sponges. Pah, as if I ever will! I bought them to photograph, let’s not lie about the shallowness of my act.

The brushes, I chose to use. Well, mostly. I was aware that the bright yellow blusher/powder brush wasn’t going to be the best, and it’s not. It’s okay for bronzer. But really I just want to look at it’s lovely yellow-ness!

The orange concealer brush has a great shape to it – gets right into the little bits that brushes find hard – down the side of the nose, up towards the lash line.

The pale blue eyeshadow brush is probably better suited for blending, than actual application as it is a little soft. The dark blue eyeliner/brow brush is excellent and hard, great for the task, and it’s quite large, which I like, as these brushes can be a wee bit fiddly and small.

Superdrug’s Face brushes are in store now, but I can’t find them online, so you will need to head into your nearest shop and have a look at these and the rest of the range. Prices from £1. Go now!