Cheap and Cheerful from Miss Sporty

Miss Sporty are one of those uber-cheap brands you probably walk past in Boots and Superdrug, if, like me, you can be a bit of a beauty snob. But we’re actually missing out on some excellent bargain buys.

New for this summer, Miss Sporty has a few excellent, fun, good quality products – that are just £2.99 each!

First up is the Instant Colour & Shine Lip Colour – these are Miss Sporty’s version of lip crayons, and at first glance, I was all ‘mmm, not sure about these‘ – until I tried them. You can see from the picture it was the Bubble Pop that I was drawn to – a bright, bold pink.

Miss Sporty lip crayon

First up, these smell amazing, secondly they glide on with ease, aren’t too greasy at all, have LOADS of pigment, and feel moisturising and creamy on the lips. What’s not to love? The other colours are Playful Beige, Plum Twist, Pink Popsicle, Candy Plum and DeLIPcious!

Miss Sporty’s new Crush On You nail polish has a gritty, textured finish – subtle enough during the day, glamorous at night. There are only three shades of this at the moment – Miss Sporty nail polishBigbangundy (not sure about that name!), Cosmic Black, and Red Fusion. You only really need one coat, and it didn’t chip too badly at all.

Finally, coloured mascaras. I’m always sort of ‘meh‘ about coloured mascaras. I was a teenager in the 1980s when blue mascara was HUGE! But I just don’t overly get it. However, these three new mascaras from Miss Sporty – Fabuous Lash Extreme Colour Mascara – have been specifically created to enhance your eye colour.

Extreme Purple is a plummy purple to make brown eyes look choclately rich, and green eyes even greener. Extreme Blue gives blue eyes an intensity that wasn’t there before, apparently, and Extreme Green is an emerald hue to enhance the beauty of hazel eyes.

miss sporty mascara

Miss Sporty suggest you apply your favourite black mascara first, let it dry, and then add a coat of whichever Fabulous Lash Extreme Colout mascara you want. For more vibrancy, apply a second coat.

So, there you have three new Miss Sporty products, none of which will break the bank, all available now at Superdrug and Boots!