Brows, brows, brows!

Frida Kahlo is as famous for her monobrow as her art. Her art was mostly of herself, right enough, so that famous brow featured a lot. She created it with a little help from a Revlon brow pencil – you can see it, and a whole collection of her belongings, including makeup and clothes, at the current V&A Exhibition – Frida: Making Herself Up – in London.

I wonder what this eyebrow icon would have made of today’s eyebrow trends? The latest of which is coloured brows. Kat Von D beauty launched a range of new brow products recently, and one that sticks out is the Kat Von D Beauty 24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade (£17, Debenhams) which comes in 16 shades – seven neutral brow tones, including this Blonde I was given, seven artistry colours, including yellow, pink and blue, and White Out for mixing and customizing, and Bleach to create a bleached look.

Don’t be afraid of coloured brows! The versatility of the 24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade shades is amazing for creativity. For example, Scarlet mixed with any of the brown tones allows you to customize the perfect auburn shade, and Bleach creates the fastest, most commitment-free bleached brow in history – Kat Von D

Benefit has also hopped on the colour-brow bandwagon, and has added new shades to its 3D-Browtones (£20.50). The five new shades are Copper, Magenta, Rich Purple, Deep Teal and Deep Blue. I tried the Magenta, and it really does give you pink brows! Use on top of other product, or just on your brows.

If you don’t quite fancy coloured brows, and, unlike Frida Kahlo, are not rocking that monobrow, then get yourself a brow deal from 5pm – there are loads of ways to sort those brows out!

At the Pure Spa in Edinburgh – at Ocean Terminal or Lothian Road – you can book in for the Eye Enhancement package of an eyebrow shape, wax, and tint for £32.


At Lulu’s Beauty in Glasgow, the Eye package is £15 and for that you get an eyelash and eyebrow tint, and an eyebrow wax, and at USA Nails + Beauty in Glasgow, there’s a £12 deal on an Eyebrow Eax or Thread and Lash and Brow tint.

At Deborah’s Beauty In The City you can get HD Brows for £12.50 – we think Frida would have liked this treatment!