Benefit’s new GoGo Tint

Benefit began with Benetint, back in the 1970s – and this month release their fourth lip and cheek stain – GoGo Tint.

This one is a long lasting bright cherry tinted lip and cheek stain, and if you like the others, you’re bound to love this.

(I’ve just seen a cute cute cute original Benetint Limited Edition with a rosebud cap on the website though, and it’s reduced…go have a look at that.)

But back to GoGo Tint. I love the new look cap as well – is it new? I don’t know, but the pictures I have of the other tints aren’t wearing this cap, but they are on the website!

The GoGo Tint is a lovely red. There’s not much else to say about these products – they stain your lips and cheeks, and give you a gorgeous glow.

Benefit NEW GoGo Tint

The other tints in the family are Posie Tint, Cha Cha Tint and Lolli Tint. BeneTint was originally formulated in the 1970s, and launched here in the UK in 1996. Posie Tint came next in 2008, a cute poppy pink stain. In 2011 it was Cha Cha Tint, a mango stained tint, and then in 2014, Lolli Tint, a candy orchid stain – a much more cutesy pink than Posie Tint.

Benefit tints

All the tints are available at Benefit counters, and, and GoGo Tint is out now, £25.50.