Retouch with Bobbi Brown

I love these new products from Bobbi Brown. They’re exactly what makeup is all about for me – the artistry of it. This mini collection – the Retouching Franchise – is all about making your skin look retouched, naturally. For me, it’s all about painting, adding, and perfecting your complexion.

Whilst contouring and highlighting is a lot of effort, we all want our skin to look its very best, and getting the base right when we start our makeup is so important. These two new products will help you achieve that perfect base, adding light where it’s needed, and hiding imperfections where you don’t want them.


First up, the Retouching Face Pencil (£22) which comes in 10 shades- nine skintone shades and one illuminating shade  – Porcelain, Extra Light, Light, Light to Medium, Medium, Medium to Dark, Dark, Deep, Rich and Illuminate.  It’s a multi-use pencil, in a creamy-matte formula, and if you love easy yet effective makeup, then you need this in your life.


So, how do you use it?

  • Highlight and enhance – Apply the Illuminate shade on top of cheekbones, the inner corners of the eyes and on brow bones.
  • Brighten dark, recessed areas – Use a pencil one to two shades lighter than skin tone. Apply on recessed parts of the face, like the inner corners of the eyes, around the nose and corners of the mouth.
  • Erase sun spots and age spots – Choose a pencil one to two shades lighter than skin tone. Next, layer a pencil that matches your skin tone.
  • Correct redness and discolouration – Use a pencil that matches your skin tone. Apply before or after foundation wherever redness is seen.

So easy to use, and so good.

The Retouching Wand (£27) comes in nine shades – Porcelain, Extra Light, Light, Light to Medium, Medium, Medium to Dark, Dark, Deep and Rich – and  is a sort of concealer/foundation hybrid which erases imperfections, neutralizes redness and events out skin for a retouched finish. It features patented pigment technology, in a weightless liquid formula, which blends seamlessly into the skin – and it really does. It might look like it is going to give a lot of coverage, and it does, but not in a noticeable way at all. The sponge applicator is so easy to use, and you can use this to touch up, or you can apply it as a foundation.


So, how do you use this one?

  • Even out bare skin – Apply around the nose and mouth – where redness is usually seen – and blend outwards with fingers
  • Get a nude glow – Apply tinted moisturiser or tinted moisturising balm all over the face, then use the wand for added coverage over redness or unevenness
  • Perfect foundation – After applying foundation, lightly sweep the wand over skn to smooth, enhance and create the most polished look.

I love using the last option on that list with this little wand – it gives a beautiful finish to your foundation.

Both new Bobbi Brown Retouching products are available from now, at Bobbi counters and stores, and on