summer.fling by beautyblender

I have to admit that I had never used a beautyblender makeup sponge until this week. Apparently they are a cult classic, and I am missing out.

The original beautyblender was launched 15 years ago, so really, I should just resign now. Quit my job, stop blogging, stop being a beauty writer and hang my head in shame!

But, well, I just kind of like to apply my makeup with my fingers. Well, fingers or my BareMinerals brush with the well in the centre. I’m too lazy to use a beautyblender.

I’ve tried. I tried this week. The original beautyblender sponge is neon pink. I like it. The one I’ve been using is the new bubble, a  soft pink shade, inspired by pink champgne, and launched as a celebration of the anniversary.

Beauty Blender in Neon

The original pink is also available this summer as part of a trip of sponges – summer.fling  – original beautyblender, bright orange beautyblender pop, and neon green beautyblender glow.

I think they are all the same, but you can use one for foundation, one for highlight, and the other for, well, whatever I guess.

The special thing about beautyblender is that the open-cell structure of the sponge means it won’t absorb your makeup, hence more product on your face, not in your sponge.

I tried it, and I liked it. My makeup went on beautifully, and someone even asked me what foundation I was wearing. I did like the instructions said – wet.squeeze.bounce – I wet the sponge thoroughly, then I squeezed it out, with a towel, and then I ‘bounced’ it on to my face, and applied my makeup.

Beauty Blender Summer Sponges

But the fourth step isn’t in the snappy slogan, and this is where I fall down. You are now meant to rinse it, and then let it dry. Did I? of course not! I’m too lazy. I’m way too lazy to be going through this ritual every time I want to put my makeup on.

But it’s a cult product, and a best-seller, so this is just me, clearly!

beautyblender bubble, £16, and summer.fling beautyblender trio, £40, are available now from Selfridges,,