Bare Minerals NEW Complexion Rescue Defense

This is a  big launch for bareMinerals – a moisturiser  that protects against the modern phenomenon of ‘Blue Light Damage’ – the Complexion Rescue Defense Radiant Tint Protective Moisturizer.

What is Blue Light Damage? Well, research says it occurs hanks to our obsession with #selfies and social media. According to the research that bareMinerals has used, this blue light could be more harmful than UV rays. It suggests that blue light may penetrate deeper into skin than UVB rays, and trigger damage that contributes to wrinkles, sagging, hyperpigmentation and other signs of ageing.

Blue light is the strong light from screens on smartphones, computers, and other devices, as well as fluorescent and LED lighting. So, bareMinerals decided you need indoor protection as well as outdoor.

It’s a clean, vegan formula with no sulphates, no chemical sunscreens, no mineral oil, and no synthetic fragrances. What it does have is loads of plant and seed extracts.

It contains sustainably sourced cacao extract to help defend aginst the effects of blue light, sugar molecules to help protect skin from air pollution, and camellia flower extract to support skin’s natural collagen.

It also contains a non-chemical mineral SPF30 PA+++ (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) to protect against the UV rays.

It’s not really a tinted moisturiser – it comes in a universal soft radiant shade that works on all skin tones, apparently, and natural pearl particles even out skin’s appearance and create that ‘lit-from-within’ glow that all beauty brands want us to have!

So, you can wear it alone, under makeup, or apply anytime over liquid makeup to boost protection.

Who knows if this stuff really works? Who knows if the blue light damages our skin, no matter what the research says. But it’s a nice product, and it does add a lovely radiance to the skin.

It’s an extra product to add to your regime, but if you like beauty products, then you are definitely going to try this, right?!

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