Spellbinder Shadows from MAC

MAC’s new Spellbinder eyehadows are, wait for it, magnetically charged!

The formula is amazing – none of this shadow will fall out of the pot – or off your eyelids! Each shadow contains black, ionised pigments, which are “magnetically charged, fusing the loose powder together, so it magically maintains its dimension” – that’s what MAC say.

I actually thought they were cream shadows, they are that soft! What a fantastic beauty innovation these are, and they look absolutely beautiful, presented in a matte black pot, the shadows themselves ridged inside.

I have tried a couple of them  – Retrograde, a greyed black, and Cosmic Clash, a deep green. They are the weirdest thing – but in a good way!


They feel like velvet to the touch, and really do not spill AT ALL when you apply. The coverage is silky soft and really good. I would really love to now try one of the other colours, perhaps the taupey cool bronze, Dynamically Charged which looks like a fab festive shade.

I do love a dark eye with a bit of a metallic sheen though, and these give that in spades. There are eight shades to choose from – the three already mentioned plus Mysterious Influence, a rich olive golden green, Higher Power, a rich deep brown, Aphrodisiatic, a rich cobalt blue, Blue Karma, a soft greyed teal, and Gravity’s Pull, a dark purple.

These shadows are limited edition, so make sure you get in quickly  – they’re available now, from all MAC locations

MAC Spellbinder Shadow, £16, maccosmetics.co.uk