Brows by Benefit and YSL

I have quite a brow history, it has to be said, and I have had long spells where they have been neglected. Recently I have been flitting between the Chamomile Sanctuary Spa in Edinburgh, where they are lovingly threaded, and Benefit, where they are waxed and shaped.

I love threading, but I also enjoy the Benefit Brow Bar experience, and they are kind enough to offer me complimentary brows. My recent experience at the Debenhams BrowBar in Edinburgh’s Prince’s Street was great. My brows are really pale, so tinting has changed my life (seriously, this didn’t happen until I was in my mid-30s, so it has been a revelation!).

Benefit brow bar brows

But tint fades, and because I quite like the ‘filled in’ and less natual look I am a fiend for brow products. Benefit offer four shapes of brow – feathered, straight, bold and angular, or natural. No prizes for guessing which mine are! Bold and Angular suits me perfectly!

I use Benefit Browzings, and most recently have tried a few YSL Couture Brow products. I was terrified of the Couture Brow Marker (£21) initially, but it’s actually brilliant.

YSL's brow marker tipYSL Couture Brow Marker

It is SO easy to use, and gives you those perfectly shaped brows that I love. Have a look at the pic below – that’s the brow marker on my brows.

My YSL brows

YSL have loads of brow products. Their Couture Brow Palette (£35) is a take-everywhere palette to tidy, shape, contour and sleeken (YSL’s word, not mine!) the brow! There are mini tweezers in there, as well as a firm angled brush, and three highly pigmented shades that you can mix and match to get the perfect brow.

YSL Couture Brow Palette

Because I like to add to my brows I am not the biggest fan of brow mascara type products. YSL’s Couture Brow (£22) is one of those, and it allows you to fix, structure, and intensify your brows to be as natural or as dramatic as you like. it’s a gel, on a mini mascara wand, and it has ‘gelifying fixators’ whatever they are, and semi opaque pigments which grab onto the brow hair and create a sort of glossy 3-D look.

All of the YSL brow products come in various shades, to suit your brow colouring.

YSL Couture Brow

Finally, the good old eyebrow pencil. YSL’s Dessin Des Sourcils (£21) is a lovely dual ended precision pencil which has a brush to shape, and a pencil, to, well, pencil in.

YSL Brows Dessin Des Sourcils Pencil

Benefit, of course, also has a huge range of brow products. For Benefit brow bar appointments, visit to fins your nearest BrowBar- prices from £11.50 – my wax and tint would be from £21.50.

All YSL brow products are available at