Lipstick Queen Girls Will Be Boys Unisex Lipstick

When I told my husband about this new ‘unisex’ lipstick from Poppy King’s Lipstick Queen he looked confused. “Surely ALL lipstick is unisex,” was his response. “If I wanted to wear lipstick, I could wear any lipstick, no?”

And he’s right. I don’t get this new launch from Lipstick Queen. I can see the good intention behind it, but I think it’s missed the mark spectacularly. In these gender fluid times, surely makeup can be worn by anyone, regardless of how they identify?

Lipstick Queen Girls Will Be Boys

As for the lipstick itself, it’s a rather horrible shade of grey, which is called Bruised Mauve,  it has a suede-like matte texture, and gives you, according to Lipstick Queen, ‘fuller-looking lips that appear photoshopped’.

It contains a rich formula of  Vitamin E, and shea and mango butters. It’s very soft and moisturising, and is more of a tone than a shade – it changes the appearance of your lips, as opposed to the colour.

Lipstick Queen has cornered the market in these lipstick shades that adapt to your own lip tone, and I get that some people love them. I’m not as much of a fan, because I like my lipstick bold and bright.

I’m not sure if this is as big a winner as some of their others, but I’m sure it will have fans – of every gender.

Lipstick Queen Girls Will Be Boys, £22, Space NK from February