Sleek Makeup Brow Intensity

Sleek Makeup’s Brow Intensity is, well, intense! Brow products are launched all the time, all pretty similar, but this one is like nothing I have seen before.

I am not a fan of the results – way too intense for me, but if you want a new brow product to try, it’s worth a whirl.

Brown Intensity by Sleek Makeup

The innovation comes in the application. Pull out the wand, and you think, at first, it’s a regular mascara-style brow wand, but what’s that bit at the top? Er, it’s a sponge applicator.

So, you apply with the sponge, then brush through. Be careful –  this stuff is strong, and it does not move well once applied.

Sleek Makeup do Brow Intensity

Then, at the other end of the tool, there’s a slanted luminous highlighting pencil to contour the brows. Apply under the brows, and then apply to the inner-eye corner to give you a ‘wide awake’ look.

Brow Intensity How To

It comes in five shades –  Light, Medium, Dark, Extra Dark, and Black. That’s me, wearing Medium..

My Brow Intensity

Sleek Makeup Brow Intensity, £8.50,