MAC Studio Waterweight Concealer and Powder

MAC launched their Studio Waterweight Foundation in 2015. I have to admit that I have never tried it. I’ve been a bit off the MAC radar in the last few years, to be honest, but three years after that launch, MAC are adding to the Waterweight collection with some new products.

The Studio Waterweight Concealer (£18.50) and Studio Waterweight Powder/Pressed (£28) both launched at the start of this year, along with a new brush, the 106 Triangular Concealer Brush (£21).

MAC Studio Waterweight Concealer

The original foundation is much-loved amongst the MAC faithful and was innovative in its formula – and ultra fluid elastic gel-serum. It also has an SPF – of 30 –  which I highly recommend in bases.

I’m surprised they have taken three years to add a concealer to match but it’s here, and, as you would expect, it is as light as the foundation, in that ultra fluid formula, with medium-buildable coverage, and a natural finish. it hydrates, and diffuses the appearance of imperfections. Unlike the foundation, it doesn’t have an SPF, but that is normal in concealers. There are 16 shades.

I’ve not tried the concealer, but I have tried the new Studio Waterweight Powder/Pressed, which I am struggling to get to grips with to be honest. Is it a owder of a base? Am I supposed to use this alone? I have done, because I am not a fan of face powder at all, to be honest. Applying it was fine. There are two applicators included – a sponge applicator, and a mini flat brush.

MAC Studio Waterweight Pressed Powder

The powder itself has two parts to it – one darker – warmer –  and ridged, the other flat and lighter – cooler. The idea is to take these warm and cool variations of your skin’s shade and blend and customise to how you want to. You can blend them together, or you can apply separately.

It feels beautiful on the skin, I have to say, and coming from someone with an aversion to powder, that’s saying something. It didn’t feel drying, which is my main bugbear with powder on my skin. There are 11 shades to choose from.

I’m a big fan  of MAC’s Studio Fix Foundation, so I look forward to trying this foundation in the future.

MAC Studio Waterweight Concealer and and Powder/Pressed are available now from MAC locations, and