KIKO Milano Tropic Heat with Lietmotiv

KIKO Milano has the tropical vibe this summer, with their new limited edition capsule collection, designed by Leitmotiv.

Who? Er, it’s an Italian brand, designed by fashion designers and creative geniuses Juan Caro and Fabio Sasso.

Tropic Heat is the second of the seven capsule collections created in collaboration with the up-and-coming designers selected by Vogue Talents to celebrate 20 years of Kiko Milano.
Tropic Heat is colourful, playful and bursting with good vibes. The eclectic style of the designers characterises the look of the products.  The packaging is fun, the colours are sunny, and the fragrances are fruity. It’s a fun summer collection, packed with products at brilliant prices.In addition to the packaging of the make-up products, Leitmotiv has also designed a pochette featuring a fun, springtime pattern for Tropic Heat. The collection also includes a refreshing eye mask – what’s not to love!?

KIKO LIETMOTIV Tropic Heat Collection

So, we asked Leitmotiv all about their collection.

Why did you choose to collaborate with KIKO?
We were immediately excited to take part in this project. We find it really interesting to collaborate with KIKO for different reasons. First of all, it’s always a pleasure to collaborate with brands who have the same skill and uniqueness of being made in Italy. We are very happy to see the success of these brands in the world. Furthermore, their products enhance the beauty and happiness of modern women which is what we aim to do with our designs.

Where did you take inspiration from to create the KIKO collection?
The main inspiration for this collection is freshness and the colours of spring and summer, their vibrancy and animation. We draw shapes and figures from nature. We wanted to talk about beauty, pleasure, life, which are the DNA of our brand. We wanted to create something that captures the attention with its aesthetic harmony.

How would you describe your brand style and how have you incorporated this into the design?

The main characteristic of our brand is the eclecticism. Playing with colours and figures, we try to create a constantly evolving style. We want to allow women to have fun bringing out their femininity.
We think that the KIKO capsule collection offers the same opportunity to the powerful woman of our time. She can have fun on her own, she can run through different identities, she can play around with different looks.

Why did you chose to collaborate with KIKO – what were your inspirations, and the challenges you faced in making this capsule collection?

We think that Leitmotiv and KIKO identities have a lot of points in common, so it was so exciting to collaborate on this  project.

So, let’s have a look at the products. There’s a Prime and Fix Water (£7.90) which is a refreshing, scented fixing primer spray. This water-based spray, enriched with a fruity fragrance, and can be applied after make-up. It comes in three scents – red fruits, green fruits, and passion fruit and coconut milk.

Kiko Tropic Heat Primer + Fixer

The Tropic Heat Dewy Stick (£7.90) is a clear, wet-effect stick, like a highlighter, to give radiance. Comes in one shade, glowing cocktail.

The Flavoured Lips & Cheek Stick (£7.90) brightens and tints the lips and sculpts the cheeks. It comes in three scents – apricot, peach, and coconut. It’s a great fun product, and comes in three shades – exotic coral, sweety mauve and fruity sangria
Kiko Milano Tropic Heat Lips & Cheeks

The tropic Heat Highlighter (£6.90) is a gel highlighter with special ‘memory’ technology which allows the gel to return to its original form after application. It goes on beautifully and comes in two shades – natural gold, and active peach.

 The Tropic Heat Nail Lacquer (£3.90) smells fruity, and has fruit extracts in it. Choose from coconut, vanilla and kiwi. The shades are flawless grapefruit, tropical strawberry and juicy purple.
Kiko Tropic Heat nails
The Tropic Heat Eye Marker (£5.90) is a pastel shade eyeliner. It has an innovative nylon tip, allowing plenty of colour to glide on, and you can create varying widths. Apply alone, or above a black line. There are four shades – freshness white, healthy green, vitality sky blue, and black.
 Kiko Tropic Heat Eyeliners

The Tropic Heat Eye Mask (£4.90) is perfect for tired eyes. It will help with symptoms of fatigue and puffiness – just chill for at least 10 minutes in the fridge before use.


Finally, there’s a Tropic Heat Face Brush (£10.90) – with soft synthetic fibres, perfect for applying powder to the face. Use for blush, bronze, and highlighter, and the cute Pochette (£14.90) with a gorgeous tropical inspired pattern, perfect for popping your collection in!




KIKO By Lietmotiv Tropic Heat Collection is available for a limited time. at Kiko stores, and
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