Clarins Tender Moments for Mother’s Day

Clarins launch this really cute, loving little collection just in time for Mother’s Day. So, show your mum how much you love her, with something from the Tender Moments collection.

And it’s good! Well, the blusher is anyway. The Skin Illusion Blush (£16) comes in three shades, and is so easy to use. I have not stopped since receiving this collection from the press office a few weeks ago. My favourite shade for now is the Luminous Pink. It’s subtle, not too bright, and its easy to apply anywhere, straight from the tub with the foam puff applicator that picks up the blush when closed. It adds just a pop of colour to the apple of your cheeks, and blends in.

The blush includes active plant ingredients including red algae extract and pink opal powder. There’s a mirror on the lid, and the love heart packaging is just so pretty. The other two shades are Luminous Coral and Golden Havana.

Clarins Tender Moments Collection

The other item in this collection is the Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm (also £16) which is a very clever little thing! It has an intelligent pigment at the heart of its formula that reacts with the lips’ pH to develop a personalised natural pink  shade. Clever! It’s not for me, but my mum loves it! Rich in cocoa butter,shea butter and redcurrant,the balm nourishes and repairs, and the peachy fragrance is lovely.

Oh, and the eco-developed packaging is sourced from sustainable forests with printed kisses that will make you want to pucker up!

Clarins Tender Moments Collection, available March, from Clarins counters and