Chanel’s Collection Libre Numeros Rouge

Roughly translated that means Chanel’s free red numbers collection  – yip, we’ll call it Collection Libre Numeros Rouge!

It’s all about – you’ve guessed it – Coco Chanel’s favourite – red lipstick. Mine too. Can’t get enough of it, and this collection is perfect for all red lippy lovers.

Chanel's gorgeous Collection Libre

The iconic red lipstick has been tailor-made with a unique undertone for each woman, There are four undertones – numbered 1,2,3 and 4, and Global Makeup Artist for Chanel, Lucia Pica, is trying to provide every woman the perfect red lipstick – red for life, or rouge pour la vie.

Chanel Red Lips

So, there are four lipsticks – two classic Rouge Allure (£30) shades and two more matte Rouge Allure Velvet (£30)  shades, forming the heart of the collection. Lucia Pica has used her expert eye for color and her forensic knowledge of the beauty of clean, glowing skin to create the perfect red for each woman.

There isn’t a dramatic difference between the four lipsticks. It is the undertone which makes all the difference,” she says.

There are a couple of Rouge Coco Gloss reds to complement, but the lipsticks are key to this look.

Gorgeous reds from Chanel

Of course that’s not it – there’s plenty more in this collection with a lovely eye palette, gorgoeus nails, and a rich orange face powder  that is better ofr olive toned skin than anything peelly wally like mine!

The Joues Contraste in So Close (£34) is bright. The Les 5 Palettes 5 Ombres (£47) in Trait De Caractere has a gorgeous rich green in it that I am in love with. There is also a green Le Vernis nail polish (£20) called Fiction in the collection, which I have just newly ordered from John Lewis – it is fantastic! The other nail shades are Celebrity a bold black, and Scenario, a fresh neon coral.

Chanel's Collection Libre Nails

It’s a very festive collection from Chanel, and if you aren’t a red fan, then it won’t be for you – but we’re sure they’ll follow this up with something for the neutral fans!

Chanel Collection Libre Numeros Rouges is available now at counters, including John Lewis