Benefit’s new BadGal Bang Mascara

Benefit’s new mascara promises to boldly go where no mascara has gone before! Okay, it doesn’t, (and that’s a Star Trek reference in case you didn’t get it…) but it was released with a round of spectacular space style events – and it’s not just a gimmick. The formula features aero-particles, which are derived from space technology.

These aero particles are one of the lightest known materials, and the mascara has lots of new features to delight Benefit mascara fans. The brush is great. It features soft half cone-shaped bristles, and is fully flexible, making the bristles bend and reach every part of your lash. Application is brilliant with this brush – I’ve found it really simple to use, and it gets into every part of the lash.

The light formula layers easily, and the mascara contains Pro-vitamin B5 for thickness and strength. But what’s it really like? Well, it does give great coverage, it does layer well, with no clogging, etc, and it does give the lashes that wow factor you would expect from a Benefit mascara. BUT…it does smudge. I can’t handle mascaras that smudge under my eyes, and whist this isn’t the worst, there’s still a smudge.

Because I have other mascaras that don’t smudge under the eyes, this one has to be moved down the queue of my go-to mascaras. This mascara promises 36 hour volume, and I can’t comment on that because I’ve not had reason to wear it for 36 hours yet!

The packaging is a bit bling for me too, but it will appeal to diehard Benefit fans, and it’s by no means the worst mascara I’ve used.It would be almost brilliant if it weren’t for that smudging issue.

Benefit BadGal Bang! Mascara, £21.50, Benefit counters, and