BeneFit Majorette & Just Confess, You’re Obsessed

September sees the launch of two fabulous new BeneFit products -and this pair are absolutely full of BeneFit sass and fun! First up, it's Majorette, a cream-to-powder booster blush which promises to give your cheeks an instant 'cheer up'! It's a prerppy-pink shade, you can 'twirl' it on bare cheeks for a flush, or wear it under another blusher for extra pep! Gorgeous packaging, and it smells fabulous with a pom-pom peach and pomegranate … [Read more...]

Tom Ford Private Blend Patchouli Absolu

The other new launch is in Tom Ford's Private Blend range, and is a very personal one for Mr Ford. He absolutely loves patchouli (so do I!) and has reinvented it in this wonderful private Blend, Patchouli Absolu. Patchouli is famed  for its rich and mysterious sensuality and its long history in perfumery. Patchouli Absolu is Tom Ford's personal ode to an ingredient that is intertwined with his own story. The iconic olfactive note of the 1970s, … [Read more...]

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

We are being utterly spoiled with not one, but TWO gorgeous new Tom Ford fragrances this autumn! Both are out on September 1, and are very different! First up it's the BIG launch - the first mainline Tom Ford new fragrance for a while - the beautiful Velvet Orchid. I am going to come right out and say that this is not my favourite - it's maybe just that wee bit sweet for me, BUT, it's going to be a big hit with anyone that loves a deep, florally, … [Read more...]

Handcreams and Foot Treatments

This week I’ve gone shopping with my trusty 1980s jelly basket for handcreams and foot treatments. I have had a horrendous flare-up of palmoplantar psoriasis this year - that's psoriasis of the soles of your feet and palms of your hands. As well as treatments from the doctor I have been using more hand creams and foot treatments than ever before. So, I thought I would share them with you. Before this bout of psoriasis took hold, I was, like most … [Read more...]

Seascape Natural Beauty

It's nice to try new brands so I was happy to trial out a couple of products from a brand called SEASCAPE ISLAND APOTHECARY recently. They are a Jersey based company, and the products are full of natural goodness and not full of parabens, silicones SLS,  petroleum,artificial colours and synthetic fragrances. The packaging is sustainable, and the ingredients are sourced from ethical suppliers. I think what I really love about this brand is the … [Read more...]

Origins NEW Plantscription – FREE!

Yes, the headline is right - FREE Origins new Plantscription Power Serum! The best-selling, award-winning serum gets a new version this September, and Origins are giving away free samples in the weeks leading up to the launch. So, if you are a fan of Origins Plantscription Anti-ageing serum, then you have to try the NEW Plantscription Anti-aging Power Serum. Helping to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, plumping up skin’s appearance, … [Read more...]

Lush launch sun care

Lush have just launched their sun care and, of course, it'd not like any sun care you will have used before. It's innovative, natural and I can't wait to try it out properly on holiday in a few weeks. There are five products in the new range - Million Dollar Moisturiser, Lifesaver, The Sunblock, Sesame Suntan Lotion, and Powdered Sunshine. I am most intrigued by The Sunblock (£8.95). This is an SPF30 sunscreen, in a block form, which you use in … [Read more...]

Realine Beauty Patches

In my decade+ as a beauty writer, editor and blogger, I have been sent all sorts of crazy products. There was the spray that was supposed to protect your skin from harmful computer rays, fake tan tights, and, well, stick-on anti-ageing patches. Yep, stickers to stick on your face, to prevent lines and wrinkles. Apparently, according to Realine Beauty, whose patches I have been trialling, women have used tape for years in attempt to keep frown … [Read more...]

Sanctuary Spa launch Wonder Oil Serum

Hands up those of you who use a serum and a moisturiser or facial oil? I know I do. So, I was intrigued to try this new Sanctuary Spa Wonder Oil Serum which has been created it seems to simplify our beauty regimes. Simply apply this after cleansing and then put your makeup on. Sounds perfect, the one-step beauty routine. But is it? Well, its not bad. It's a multi-tasker, and if time is short, I can see the appeal. Maybe I just like the beauty … [Read more...]

YSL Fusion Foundation

YSL launch their Fusion Foundation today (exclusive to Debenhams, until August 20), with a mass of science behind it, apparently much of it the same as the science NASA use. This is not a new claim int he beauty world  but it seems to be a true one this time, as Jane Cunningham from British Beauty Blogger discusses at length in her post on her new site The Beauty Plus. I'll leave it to Jane to explain as she does it in much more depth that I … [Read more...]