Renewed Hope from Philosophy

Can it really be EIGHTEEN YEARS since Philosophy launched their iconic moisturiser, Hope In a Jar? YES! I reckon it arrived a few years later than 1996 in the UK, but I can remember trying it as a rookie beautPhilosophy Renewed Hope In a Jary writer, about 15 years ago!

As it comes of age, Hope In a Jar has been renewed – Renewed Hope In a Jar is now an all-day-skin-renewing moisturiser, with a brand new texture, and scent too.

The new formula  grants three of the most demanding skincare wishes in three key actions on the skin:

* Refining texture with visible pores and fine lines lifted away

* Instant and long-lasting hydrating for all day smoothness

* Re-energizing healthy colour and glow  for a refreshed and radiant complexion.

It uses a mixture of peptides and natural ingredients to achieve these aims. It does feel lovely, and it smells great.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar is 18!It’s light, but as a summer moisturiser for my at-times dry skin, it’s perfect.

There is also an eye cream, to use with the moisturiser.

Renewed Hope In a Jar Eye is a whipped illuminating cream which energises tired eyes with asian fruit extract, brightens dark circles and reduces puffiness with algae extracts and addresses fine lines with a yeast extract.

It’s light to apply, but it feels really rich, which I like in an eye cream.

Philosophy are a lovely brand, known for their lovely little mottos of hope and inspiration on all their products.

Renewed Hope In a Jar Moisturizer, £35.50, and Renewed Hope In a Jar Eye Cream, £29.50, are available now at, Debenhams, John Lewis and Boots stores nationwide.