Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Micro Serum

chanel-hydra-beauty-micro-serum-twoThe press release to launch Chanel’s latest skincare product – their Hydra Beauty Micro Serum – was 43 pages long. Okay, a lot of that was for notes, as it came in a school notebook form, but there is a LOT of science and info behind this latest launch!

Essentially what Chanel have done is listen to what women want in skincare, and have come up with a product they think delivers. Chanel Research has determined that women want an extraordinary hydrating skincare product, and they have delivered.

Or have they? Well, yes, they have! I’m quite amazed by this serum, I have to admit. First of all, here’s the science bit. And it is quite a science bit. Chanel Research discovered the science of microfluidics – the mechanism of fluids on a micrometric scale – and met the most prestigious experts in this field. (We have no idea, either, okay?!)

For the first time, they joined forces to develop a major cosmetic innovation and inaugurate a new generation of hydrating skincare with high performance in terms of hydration, radiance and protection. With this new serum Chanel announces a ‘hydra-revolution’.What that means is that this is a microfluidic serum with camellia microdroplets that fuse with skin for continuous hydration and an intense plumping effect.

(FYI, microfluidics is a very young science, first revealed in the 1960s, and developed in the 1990s at Harvard. That’s kind of all you really need to know.)

Right, back to how this science actually works in this serum. I don’t know, but what I do know is that this serum, for all skin types, works brilliantly on my skin which has a tendency to be dry, and the hydrating effect is amazing.

It really leaves my skin feeling smooth, and hydrated, and feels great. I’ve been following it with Chanel’s Hydramax+ Active Nutrition Nourishing Cream for dry skin, and it’s been a great routine for me, even in this cold weather.

If you are looking for a new serum to try, then I would highly recommend this.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum, £66, available now at Chanel counters nationwide.