Aveda Hand Relief Serum

I’m already a big fan of the Aveda Hand Relief handcream, so was thrilled to learn of the new launch, the Aveda Hand Relief Night Renewal Serum. It’s another product for your night-time beautAveda Hand Relief Serumy routine.

Hand cream is one of those products you always see the heroine rubbing into her hands in those old movies, sitting at her vanity (that’s dressing table to you and me!), before she retires to her always gorgeous bed!

So, emulate those old movie stars with this lovely new serum (it smells fantastic by the way, if not a little reminiscent of the Origins Make A Difference range) and help stop your hands from ageing in the process.

This serum is a 97% naturally-derived restorative treatment serum which will improve the tone and texture of your hands, while you sleep. Apparently our skin reaches its highest temperatures overnight and both loses and absorbs moisture faster and more effectively while we sleep. So, this new serum works during these optimum rest hours to help deliver intense hydration by morning.

It contains hero ingredients like Molasses & Licorice Extract Blend to reduce the appearance of dark spots and even the skin tone, hydrating plant blend of Andiroba Oil, Glycerin and Organic Castor Oil to plump and volumise, and Salicylic Acid derived from Wintergreen to refine and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth.That lovely smell comes from orange, lavandin and eucalyptus.

And there are some facts to back up the claims – 83% for women who used the product showed a significant improvement in dark spots in just four weeks, and 92% of women demonstrated reduction in visible fine lines in just four weeks.

Aveda Hand Relief Night Renewal Serum, £25 for 30ml, is available now at Aveda counters and salons, and aveda.co.uk