Sunscreen for the Longest Day…

It’s the longest day of the year today – more hours of daylight than any other. But will those hours be sunny, that’s the question? Last year it was my wedding day, and it was beautiful! We lucked out with our weather, but will we need suncream on our anniversary?

Most likely not, but if you are in need of suncream today, then have you tried, or do you remember P20? It’s a blast from the past for me, and I had to write this post about it – because I remember it really did work.

P20 lasts for up to 10 hours, and now has a brand new, state of the art continuous spray. The  multi-angle spray format makes it so much easier to apply, and you can get it in SPF20 and SPF30, in 150ml bottles (£24.49). It’s only available at Boots stores and World Duty Free airport shops.

The existing range of SPF15, 30 and 50+ pump-action sprays and the original SPF20 pouring lotion (that’s the one I remember) are available in 200ml and travel friendly 100ml sizes. You can get them at lots of supermarkets and chemists. Prices are £13.29 and £24.49.P20 Continuous Spray

The new continuous spray is available in 150ml, RRP £24.49. Only available from Boots stores nationwide and World Duty Free airport shops.
The unique alcohol-based formula retains the benefits of the existing P20 range, containing UVA and UVB filters. Being transparent sets it apart from traditional cream-type sun products.  Both the SPF 20 and SPF 30 continuous sprays have a five star UVA rating, protecting against the premature signs of ageing. It’s designed so that you just need one application a day.

You need to wait 15 minutes after application before going out, to allow the product to activate. it absorbs really quickly, and the filters don’t break down in the sunlight. It is also categorised as ‘Very Water Resistant’, the highest classification available under the European health and beauty industry body Cosmetic Europe’s guidelines for water resistance.

I think I find the action of re-applying suncream more reassuring, and part of my beach or pool routine, but P20 hasn’t been around for this long for nothing, and I do remember it working.Maybe time to give it another go?