Mother’s Day at Lush

If you’re looking for just a little thing to gift your mum this Mother’s Day, then head no further than your local Lush store where there is a whole range dedicated to mums.

These three are my favourites of the products on offer, and I am sure any mum would love any of these.

1.It says it on it – the Mum Bath Bomb (£2.95) is new for this year, and so cute. it’s deliciously fragranced with Sicilian lemon and sweet orange oils for relaxation, and beautiful Rose to create a light, fresh, floral bathing experience.

Mother's Day At Lush

2.I do love the very clever Mother Earth Bath Bomb (£7.95) which will give mum and uplifting bath, soshe’s ready to take on, well, the world. It’s packed with uplifting tangerine and invigorating peppermint oils.

3. Finally, the classic Yummy Mummy Shower Cream (£9.95). Yes, I hate that phrase too, but this stuff is lovely. It’s like a big hug in a bottle, with the embrace of sweet tonka and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter. Lathers of Brazilian orange and geranium oils will leave mum’s skin prettily perfumed with quite a nostalgic scent.

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