NEW Clarins Double Serum relaunch

Clarins Double Serum – a bestseller since it’s introduction – is now going through its eighth incarnation! The latest version has a new ingredient  –  turmeric.

There’s a lot of beauty buzz about this ingredient. I just read a recent article about beauty bloggers advocating making home made masks from turmeric and coconut oil. Please don’t do this – EVER!

But, turmeric does have great properties. I’ve recently discovered a hand and body cream with it as a main ingredient which has cleared up my psoriasis for the first time in over two years. So, I am thrilled to use this new Double Serum.

Clarins relaunch their Double Serum

I loved the original, and I love this. I like the new pump system it has as well. The science is a wee bit complicated – safe to say that it involves your skin cell’s ‘listening system’, and turmeric, which has been isolated by Clarins researchers and tested for its ability to protect the lipid microdomains which are that ‘listening system’.

Basically it means it can help the skin work with the other ingredients in the serum, and make it more receptive to them.

There are 20 potent plant ingredients in this serum – for hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and regeneration. All sorts of lovely things like quinoa, goji berry, green banana, avocado, oat sugars and more.

Clarins explain all about the ‘listening system’ on the website, but safe to say, it’s only going to do your skin good.

NEW Clarins Double Serum

Back to the pump system, and this is where the press information threw me. Apparently Double Serum launched in 1996 in the double vial bottle – 11 years after its creation. Did this product really launch in 1985?!

The first I heard of it was in 2013! Anyway, previous version had two different vials which contained each of the formula phases. The new bottle houses interlocking vials – the oil-based phase is now housed in the hydric phase, and they come together thanks to a unique double pump system.

Clarins NEW Double Serum 30ml, £57, 50ml, £75, available from August 27, 2017, at Clarins counters and