Chanel’s January Blue(s) Serum

It’s January, and if you have the January blues we hope it’s in the form of the new Chanel Blue Serum!

This latest skincare launch from the French giants, is an anti-ageing serum that harnesses three key ingredients from three atypical locations characterised by population with exceptional longevity – called blue zones.

In addition to remarkable ecosystems, these populations all share a lifestyle based
on four major common factors: a healthy, balanced diet, regular physical activity, better stress management and a close-knit social structure.

So, Chanel are basically telling us that whilst their serum helps, we need to also look to other factors, and change our lives, if we want long life, and great skin!

January Chanel Blues

Research by Chanel highlighted four mechanisms essential to cutaneous (skin)  longevity:

– cellular energy, comparable to daily physical exercise;
– cellular metabolism, just as important as a balanced diet;
– adaptation to cellular stress, essential in facing the onslaught of daily life;
– intercellular communication, essential to the skin’s wellness

Blue zones are replete with plants recognised for their power and effectiveness, and Chanel focused its attention on nutritious plants endemic to these zones,and selected a combination of three ingredients able to intervene on all four of the levels above. .

The key ingrdients are the green coffee of Costa Rica, the olive of Sardinia and the lentisk of

Chanel's New Blue Serum

The power of nature was then combined with technology to create pure, powerful, active ingredients.

With continued use of the Blue Serum, skin appears younger and healthier, smoother and firmer and the complexion is more even.  Chanel have created this serum as a more holistic approach to regular anti-aging products, and it can be used at any point in any skincare regime.

Chanel Blue Serum, £81, available now at Chanel locations