Aveda’s Tulasara Wedding Masque

Did anyone get engaged on Valentine’s Day? Well, you can look forward to, according to Aveda, your wedding day skin – which will be more radiant than ever before!

I have to say that I did feel like I was glowing on my wedding day – it was the most joyful and fun day of my life. But, my eyes also had a bit of conjunctivitis in them, down to a bizarre reaction to a cleansing balm I regularly wore.

However, my skin was radiant, and Aveda’s Tulasara Wedding Masque Overnight and Eye Overnight aim to recreate that radiance, wedding or not!

Get Glowing Wedding Skin with Aveda

Inspired by the Haldi beauty ritual from India, which is a key part of the Hindu wedding ceremony, both masques deliver wedding-day skin in a way that has been time-tested in Ayurveda, the ancient wellness art of India, for generations.

Haldi refers to the paste that is used in the traditional Indian wedding Haldi ceremony which is a mixture of turmeric, chickpea powder, and rose water. During the ceremony, family members who are already married spread the paste onto the face, hands, arms, legs and feet of the bride and groom the day before the wedding as an offering of good luck. Turmeric is a known skin brightener, so the Haldi helps the bride and groom look their best on the big day.

It is even said that if the bride or from touches an unmarried person of marrying age with the Haldi, he or she will be the next to tie the knot! –  Divyesh Patel, Aveda Director of Skin Care Research and Development.

The two masques are 97% naturally-derived, and contain Curcuminoids, a potent extract from Ayurvedic turmeric root, which helps to brighten skin to leave it luminous and radiant.

They also contain Plant Stem Cells, a powerful blend of three plant stem cells which work together to help support the skin’s natural repair processes at night. In every 50ml jar, there are over half a million plant stem cells. There’s Organic Apricot Seed Oil as well, which helps with the skin’s repair process.

Aveda Tulasara Wedding Masques

The Eye Masque also contains Algae Extract Blend to help with those dark circles. And both masques smell delicious thanks to an aroma crafted from jasmine, chamomile, and graprefruit oils.

Aveda Wedding Masque Overnight, £48, Aveda Wedding Masque Eye Overnight, £38, available now from Aveda salons and spas, and aveda.co.uk