Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil

This was the perfect antidote to my post-holiday blues  – Sisley’s first facial skincare oil on my desk. Three years after the launch of the Black Rose Cream Mask comes the Black Rose Precious Face Oil.

The mask became a cult product in record time, and is number one on the French luxury face mask market. And if my first taste of the new Oil is anything to go by, then it will surely follow suit.

sisley black rose precious face oil

Facial oils are excellent for all skin types, but this one is specifically targeted to skin types that are genetically dry, from around age 30 (that’s me!), normal skin types that have become dry or dehydrated by environmental conditions (hello Scottish winter and central heating!), and mature skin that is lacking lipids (yep, will come to us all!).

All of Sisley’s anti-ageing expertise is concentrated into one sensuous texture. And the first thing you will notice about this oil is that it really isn’t oily. It feels rich, and smooth. It’s a dry oil, but not in the spray form we are used to. It nourishes and there is no residue from it on the skin at all, yet it hydrates brilliantly.

Sisley’s Black Rose Precious Face Oil application has three stages – Prepare, Action and Outcome.

Apply it before any other skincare, after cleansing and it prepares the skin. It improves fluidity in the cell membranes which are lacking in essential fatty acids, in those of us with dryer skins. Camelina oil, rich in Omega 3 and 6, enables the skin to fully benefit from the daily skincare routine following the oil.

The Black Rose Precious Face Oil action is nourishment. It nourishes the skin and helps combat the visible signs of dermal aging. Skin is highly regenerated by a formula enriched with plant-based active ingredients – there are five plant-based active ingredients which are capable of
providing the skin with the elements that are essential to its vitality and youthfulness including that Camelina oil, Padina pavonica  – which stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid – along with natural Tocopherols as anti-oxidants, extraxt of Avocado to regenerate, repair and soothe, and Phytosqualane for moisture and nourishment.

So, the outcome means softer skin, skin that looks and feels more plumped, and dry patches that are no longer there. This oil smells absolutely lovely, with essential oils of Bulgarian Rose and Magnolia, and I can honestly say that after using it for a week, I think my skin looks and feels much better.

Use it in the morning or evening, before any other skincare products, to prepare and soothe the skin. Apply three to seven drops, and watch it gently melt into the skin. It feels, and smells fantastic and is now firmly part of my morning beauty routine (I still use Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair in the evenings!).

Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil, £136 for 25ml, available now from Sisley counters, and