Bare Minerals Dirty Detox and Polishing Grains

Bare Minerals launched two new skincare products this month – and they’re fun! Effective, yes, but fun. I love the idea of mixing lotions and potions, and I love gunky products, so these two get the thumbs up from me.

First up, it’s the Dirty Detox. This is a super purifying mud to give your skin a fresh, healthy-looking glow. Bare Minerals harness the benefits of mud, loaded with clays, to help deliver smooth, luminous skin. It contains Moroccan Rhassoul Clay. Rich in Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium,
this clay has long been used in beauty treatments to help detoxify and improve skin’s clarity.

Bare Minerals Dirty Detox

Then there’s French Green Clay, also known as Sea Clay, which contains minerals and nutrients to help detoxify, balance and improve skin’s clarity. Brazilian Green Clay, a symbol of renewal, is a volcanic light green clay, which absorbs excess oil and pore-clogging impurities.

Spanish Coastal Clay is known as one of the most nutrient-rich mineral deposits, and  is a thermal spring clay helps improve skin’s clarity.
Finally, Japanese White Charcoal, derived from Ubame Oak, and known for its great strength, charcoal absorbs impurities to help purify and balance the skin.

Get Dirty with Bare Minerals

Apply with the Mask Smoothing Brush and take off with the Mask Removal Cloth. It’s easy to use, you know the face mask drill, and it feels fabulous slapping this muddy mask on!
Bare Minerals Skin Polishing Grains
Bare Minerals also launched innovative add-to-cleanser buffing grains, the Mix.Exfoliate.Smooth Add To Cleanser Skin Polishing Grains. These are great. You simply add them to your cleanser to give it exfoliating properties.

The grains are a botanical cocktail of Chardonnay, Rose, Sweet Orange Peel and Black Rice grains, plus mineral-rich Sea Salts. All combine to gently refine texture, encourage cell turnover and help renew skin’s vibrancy.

Chardonnay grains are from the seeds of the grapes, Rose grains are the emollient sugars from the rose flower, Sweet Orange Peel is known for its antioxidant properties.

Black Rice, Once reserved for the emperors of ancient China for its nutritional value and rarity, has natural exfoliating properties to help soften and nourish the skin.

The Minerals Sea Salts, cultivated from the waters off the coast of Brittany are rich is Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium, and help purify and refine.

You can use with the Bare Minerals Double Cleansing Brush to customise your deep cleansing routine. Or you can just add and cleanse normally.

Bare Minerals Dirty Detox Skin Glowing and Refining Mask, £32, Mask Smoothing Brush and Mask Removal Cloth, £14, Mix.Exfoliate.Smooth Add-to-Cleanser Skin Polishing Grains £18, Double Cleansing Brush, £16, from September, from Bare Minerals counters, and at