The Body Shop Clear Skin Superheroes

The Body Shop launch a new range of tea tree products next week, The Clear Skin Superheroes, because #zithappens! Geddit?! Yeah. I know. But bear with me. It’s going to get a whole lot worse..

There are three products in the range, all with skin-clearing properties, so, if your skin needs a little bit of help, then these are the heroes to give it.

The Body Shop NEW Tea Tree

WHAM! Start with the daily skin avenger  – the NEW Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution (£11). Use every day to help keep your blemishes at bay.

KAPOW! Need a kickass cleanser?! Then use the NEW 3-In-1 Tea Tree Wash Scrub Mask (£8). This has tjhree cleansing actions, to deal with clogged pores, blackheads and shine.

ZAP! Finally, the blemish targeter, simple Tea Tree Oil (£8). Use tea tree for on-the-spot relief. This stuff tackles blemishes when you first feel them, so make sure you have it with you if you are prone.

All of these products are available from July 27, at The Body Shop, and