Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector and Concealer

Bobbi Brown launched their Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF40 in April this year, a hybrid foundation/skincare product which also was brilliant at concealing redness.

Now, they’re releasing two new products to sit alongside the foundation – the Intensive Skin Serum Corrector, and Intensive Skin Serum Concealer.

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum family

Both of these products combine potent ingredients used for centuries in Eastern Medicine – skin-plumping Indian Mukul Myrrh Tree Extract and energising Cordyceps Mushroom Extracts – with ultra-fine makeup pigments.

Both of these products are the ultimate in dark circle treatment. As well as giving lovely coverage, they brighten under eye darkness, and re-energise and firm skin for a fresher, brighter, more rejuvenated look. And the best bit is that it doesn’t just happen instantly – it continues to happen whilst you wear it, the ingredients penetrating deeper.

These lovely little black vials, with easy-to-use doe-foot applicators, are perfect for popping in your handbag for touch-ups on the go.

So, how do they work?

The Defense Against Dark Circles (sounds like a Harry Potter class, no?!) addresses the cause and works on that.

Age: In time, skin around the eyes thins, making blood vessels more visible. The formulas, feature a blend of Hops to help support skin’s structure, whilst peptides and that Indian Mukul Myrrh Tree Extract increase natural collagen production to plump that under eye skin.Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector and Concealer

Excess Pigmentation: A blend of Bamboo Grass Extract, Vitamin C and Licorice increases radiance and evens skintone for a brighter look.

The Mushroom super-ingredient, also found in the foundation, works to recharge kin by helping the skin cells replenish their natural energy.

And then, to boost moisture, a blend of Peridot-infused water and Sodium Hyaluronate boost the skin;s natueal moisture levels, and then Muru Muru Seed Butter and Coffee Seed Extract to lock on that moisture.

In short, these two little bottles are brilliant for under your eyes!

How to use?

First up, use the Corrector, which will neutralise discolouration. Choose a bisque shade for blue/purple discolouration, and a peach shade for brown/grey discolouration. There are 16 Corrector shades to choose from.

Next, lighten, brighten and even out the skin tone under the eyes by layering the Concealer over the Corrector in a skint tone correct shade. Gently pat in with fingers to blend it all together. There are 15 Concealer shades.

Now, both of these little vials of Corrector and Concealer are great. They do lift and brighten the eye. But. I do find the whole process a bit much every day – I know I am just way too lazy to layer it all on!

However, I am in love with the new Limited Edition Full Coverage Face and Touch Up Brush (£43). It’s the best-selling, much-loved Full Coverage Face Brush with a Touch Up Brush on the other end! Genius. So, you can use it to apply the foundation, and the new corrector and concealer with it.

Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Full Coverage Face and Touch Up brush

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector and Concealer (£28 each), are available from John Lewis in-store and online now, and nationwide from other retailers from September 17.