La Creme Main from Chanel

Handcream. I am never without it. Since the end of 2013 I have been plagued with palmoplantar psoriasis, and my hands have been – on and off – a distressed, peeling, cracking mess. Touch wood – this year they are free from my psoriais, BUT…I am still applying handcream.

Chanel’s new La Creme Main might still be a little too much for my hands – I’m terrified to use anything new on them, but it is surely the most beautiful handcream you will ever have!

Inspired by the beautifying hand cream created by Mademoiselle Chanel in 1927, Chanel has not reinvented the handcream with this. First of all – that tube! Or not a tube! It’s a pebble shape, tactile and designed to it perfectly in the hand!

Behind its apparent simplicity lies a major technical innovation that required over four years of collaboration between the
Packaging Department, Artistic Direction and Formulation Laboratory teams. Yep, four years!

Chanel's Le Creme Main Handcream

Inside the packaging, a retractable pouch contains and protects the formula from air and impurities. One pressure on the pack activates a system that releases the right dose of cream to beautify yourhands. I haven’t tried it, but I take their word for it.
The cream itself is a light cfream texture, and contains May rose wax from the Chanel Pégomas gardens in Grasse, obtained when the flowers are distilled. This precious and rich balm smooths and softens skin while protecting it from environmental aggressors. It also contains iris pallida, another flower grown at Pegomas, whose extract is renowned for its brightening properties. And then, for maximum hydration and comfort, the formula is enriched with glycerin, hyaluronic acid and shea butter.And all of this contributes to the price – £45. And it’s Chanel, right? I love it. But I know it would never stay this white and beautiful and clean in my handbag! Chanel La Creme Main, £45, available now at stockists