Boots launch No7 Face Study online portal

According to new research from Boots, and their new No7 portal, The No7 Face Study, nine out of ten (87 per cent) of British women admit to being confused by their skincare choices.

That is a lot of women to be admitting to not really knowing what they are using, and what they should be using. Over half (57 per cent) admit to feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information that is available on skincare products.

That doesn’t surprise me. The amount of info is terrifying, and I’ve been writing about beauty, and digesting, and dissecting this stuff for over  15 years!

Boots new study, out today, reveals that despite the UK’s skincare industry being worth £2.16billion, British women are still in desperate need of guidance when it comes to looking after their skin.

Boots launch No7 Face Study

This new No7 Face Study  – which goes live at 6pm tonight – could help. It allows women to analyse the face on the screen, and learn more about the signs of ageing they may have. It’s actually a great visual tool – you can see right in front of you what, for example, age spots are, where they are, what they look like, and how to best deal with them.

Of course this is a marketing tool for the Boots No7 range of serums, but it’s fun, and informative, and I have no problem with it t all. Other than it having Dawn O’Porter as an advocate, but that’s just me, because I’m not really a fan!

I read labels religiously but still never know what is right for me. I’m a bit of a product junkie, and buy things based on pretty packaging or a convincing description, but I’m always left a little disappointed. I liked my experience with The No7 Face Study because I actually learned about why my skin does what it does. The science behind it was interesting, and being directed towards products specific for my issues was so helpful. I finally feel like I have the right things in my bathroom cabinet, and that has been a real eye opener, quite literally! – Dawn O’Porter


So, how does it work?. Well, you can zoom and scroll across the face, clicking on different hotspots to find out more about individual concerns, shedding light on the appearance of fine lines, on how skin develops over time and why we lose firmness or develop uneven skin tone. Once you have identified any specific worries, you will be able to find the perfect No7 products to address the signs of ageing.

Currently I have issues with firmness, so I my recommendation is the No7 Restore and Renew Face and Neck Serum (from £28) which is actually a product I am using right now.

No7 Face & Neck Serum
Lara Purcell, Global Brand Director, No7 stresses the importance of making skincare understandable.

“At No7, we want to help demystify the complicated and often overwhelming subject of skincare. Women often don’t know which products they should be using to help combat their anti-ageing concerns and as a result, don’t select the best combination of products to suit their needs,” she says.

“This means that they are not getting the most out of their skincare regime and are often using the wrong products for their skin. Everyone’s skin is different and needs its own unique combination of products to help bring out the very best results – and The No7 Face Study is hoping to shed some light on any uncertainty, and help women achieve the best skin they can.”

If you fancy having a go, and finding out what skincare you really should be using, then the No7 Face Study launches today, August 9, from 6pm, at