Origins RitualiTea Masks

Masks. Everyone’s talking about masks. One minute it’s multi-masking, the next it’s Korean sheet masks. Even Nails Inc have launched some. (Yep, they’re not just a nail brand any more!)

Masks are, of course, an integral part of a beauty routine. Most salon facials involve a mask, and the iconic comedy image of a face masked person answering the door, having ‘forgotten’ the mask was on, is, well, iconic!

Did you know that Origins are the number one mask brand in the UK? And they have just added a whole new mask range to their arsenal – the RitualiTea. It’s all about #metime with these powder masks, which, I have to admit, take me straight back to my beauty school days of the 1980s, mixing up thick kaolin-based masks in bowls.

Origins have launched three tea-based Powder Face Masks (£30), to be mixed with water and applied. Each one also has a matching Body Mask (£25) to complete the ritual.


There’s Matcha Madness with Matcha & Green Tea, for revitalizing skin, thanks to anti-oxidant properties, Oolong-La with Oolong Black Tea &  Chai Spices, for refining and exfoliating, and Feeling Rosy with Rooibos Tea & Rose, for comforting, calming, and nourishing.


I tried the Feeling Rosy, because Rooibos is known to contain alpha-hydroxy acid and zinc, both of which can help calm several skin problems, and I am prone to rosacea flares.

You need a bowl and an applicator, and Origins haven’t left that to chance. You can by a brilliant Powder Mask Mixing Bowl (£15), created for Origins by US company CaliBowl, who are known for their non-spill technology, and using 100% recycled materials. The Applicator Tool (£15) has a spoon at one end, and a silicone applicator at the other – soft  to use, and easier to clean than a brush.


It’s easy to mix it up  – you just need two teaspoons of mask, and two of water. It mixes to an effervescent, frothy cream, and this is absolutely enough for one facial application.


It smells strongly of tea, that’s my first thought, and it looks horrendous! It tightens on the face, and I am not a huge fan of these type of masks, and perhaps that’s why I started to feel a sort of uncomfortable feeling that is hard to describe, once it was ‘set’.


After ten minutes you rinse, with warm water, and this was not easy over a sink, so next time I will be using warm towels. The little tea leaves went everywhere. My skin did feel nice afterwards, and I followed up with Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask, because I use that one pretty much nightly in the winter.

I haven;t tried the body masks yet, but you can apply in the shower, whilst showwering, like  wash, or you can stand out of the shower stream and massage on for a buffing and exfoliating experience, then step back in.

Origins RitualiTea masks are available now, from Origins counters, and