Clarins launch NEW Pore Control Serum

As we start to see a shift in beauty launches from summer to autumn, Clarins has just launched a new Pore Control serum . Yes, the sun might still be shining, but the beauty companies are autumn-ready, and lots of new launches will be appearing in the next month or so.

Let’s face it, during the summer we’re not overly concerned with a perfect complexion are we? Well, I know I’m not. I love that I have a little bit of a summer glow this year – a few freckles and a bit of a tan. I’m not thinking about my pores much.

But come the autumn days  – and nights – when the tan starts to fade, hen artificial light is on us (much harsher than sunlight), we’re going to want every little bit of help with our skin for those insta-selfies!

So,  this new Pore Control is perfectly timed. It’s a serum for all skin types and all ages. I am not a massive fan of mattifying products, as my skin veers towards dry, but having tried this out, I can assure you it’s not drying – and it’s not a primer. It does the pore minimising before the primer stage.

This latest innovation in Clarins technology minimises pores, and gives your skin a radiant glow. It does this by using extracts of vine flower cells and organic strawberry tree fruit to help make pores less visible.

Tamarind pulp acids help remove dead cells that can clog pores, therby making your skin visibly smoother, with a more even skin texture.

The serum smells delicious and it makes the skin feel smooth to the touch. Clarins suggest using it alone or after your regular moisturiser.

In that way it differs fro mattifying primers. If you still want to use your primer, then you can use it on top of your moisturiser as normal. This could replace your regular serum or add it into your beauty regime as an extra boost.

Clarins Pore Control, £45, from July 29, Clarins counters and