Face Masks from Bobbi Brown

Here’s something brand new from Bobbi Brown – Face Masks. It’s all very well applying great makeup, but the canvas on which you work has to be the best it can be, right? So, this Face Mask trio should help – particularly at this time of year when skin can really suffer.

Bobbi’s Face Masks address three key skincare concerns – lack of moisture, lack of radiance, and the feeling that your skin needs a really good cleanse.

These masks will help reset, restore and re-energise your skin’s appearance.

Let’s star with my favourite, Skin Nourish. Infused with a Unique Triple Emulsion Texture, this mask will sustain moisturisation with a suspended but layered cocktail of emulsions containing hydrating emollients, natural oils and water. The result is a lightweight texture, with a rich, moisturising feel.

Ingredients include Coral Grass, a hydrating acquatic herb that helps distribute moisture, and hydrating hydro herbs, Salicornia and Trehalose. Chlorella Extract, a natural super green algae helps increase natural collagen production, is in there, while Muru Muru Butter further helps repair skin’s natural moisture barrier. This reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines.

Bobbi Brown Face Masks - Skin Nourish

So, you apply liberally to dry skin, and leave just for two to five minutes, then tissue off what’s left, and gently massage into the skin. You can use this mask up to three times a week if you like. I found it actually tightened a bit, which is unusual for a hydrating mask, but my skin felt great the next morning – my key test.

Next up, Radiance Boost. This one works on damp skin, and will smooth, re-texturise and soften the skin’s appearance. It contains Superfine Walnut Grain Beads to gently exfoliate, sloughing off dead skin cells. Massaged in, it  will help improve micro-circulation to reveal a smoother, healthier and more radiant looking complexion.

Bobbi Brown Face Masks  - Radiance Boost

At the same time, Kaolin Clay reduces excess oil buildup, and super-moisturisers Algae Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate help balance moisture and nourish skin to prevent stripping. A little touch of Orange Oil energises the skin.


So, apply to damp skin, leave for a few minutes – two to five – and rinse off with warm water, whilst gently massaging in circular motions. You can use this one about once a week.

Finally, Instant Detox. This is like a deep-cleanse for skin. It’s a clarifying clay-based formula which helps to detoxify skin by deeply penetrating the skin’s surface to aid the removal of those nasty impurities and pollutants that can clog our skin.

Bobbi Brown Face Masks - Instant Detox

So, when a face wash isn’t enough, maybe once a week, or more if needed, then go for a deeper cleanse with this mask. It contains a unique blend of Hawaiian Sea Water and mineral-rich Amazonian White Clay (a natural clay derived from the Brazilian Amazon and historically used for skin treatments), which work together to help extract toxins and impurities, whilst maintaining moisture and reducing the appearance of pore size.

Combined with the detoxifying powers of these ingredients, the clay-based formila helps to remove pore-clogging debris and excess oil from the skin. But, it doesn’t strip the skin. Apply to damp skin, then rinse off with warm water.

And, if you want to try all three, then Bobbi has created a really handy little Mini Mask Trio. You can take them everywhere as they are just little 7ml tubes. Probably enough for one to two applications in each tube.

Bobbi Brown Face Masks Mini Mask Trio

Bobbi Brown Face Masks, £33 each, and £10 for the Mini Mask Trio, launch exclusively at John Lewis, from January 21.