My bedtime beauty routine

The clocks go back this weekend and we get an extra hour in bed – hoorah! That means an extra hour of beauty sleep, so extra time for those products to do their magic whilst you sleep.

I wrote a feature about extra hour beauty sleep products in the Daily Record last week – you can read the article here.

But I thought I would share exactly what products I am currently using when I hit the hay, and how best to keep your skincare routine at night simple and effective.  I have to admit that I do change up my routine quite a lot, because I get a lot of products for my job, but there are a few that I use all the time.


1.REN’s & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray (£18, is new to me, and is on counter in November. Pillow sprays don’t actually make you sleep, but it’s simple psychology – you associate the spray with sleeping, so if you suffer from insomnia at all, give one a try. This one has lovely packaging, and contains a gorgeous blend of frankincense and lavender oils, balanced with sleep inducing hops.

2.Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold (£33.50, Marks and Spencer) is a musthave. You must have this. I also love their newer Liquid Rose Gold, but this is the original and the best. It’s a Glycolic Acid based product, and you use it every other night. It makes your skin glow. it really does help with resurfacing, and regenerating, and I can’t recommend this cult beauty product enough.

3.This one is a bit of a ‘why’ product, but then again, why not?! Clinique’s new Pep Start Pout Restoring Lip Mask (£16, is a bit of a luxury add-on product to your nighttime routine, but it does feel nice, and I enjoy the ritual of applying it. I keep it on the bedside table for ease of use.

My Evening Skincare Routine

4.Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask (£25, I can’t recommend this highly enough. I rave about it. I love it. I use it every other night (on non Alpha-H nights) and sometimes during the day when I need more hydration. It contains apricot and avocado oils, and Japanese seaweed, and it just works. It hydrates beautifully.

5.Neom Organics Scent to Sleep Nourish Breathe and Sleep Balm (£15, John Lewis) contains 19 relaxing essential oils, including lavender, and once applied, you need to breathe the scent in deeply to help you relax. Hand cream should be applied at night, and this is just lovely. There are so many scenes in the old black and white movies of Hollywood stars sitting at their beautiful dressing tables applying hand cream. Everyone should get into  this habit!

6. Darphin Predermine Sculpting Night Cream (£95, works to sculpt, firm and redefine your facial contours during the night, thanks to night blooming tuberose and time-released vitamins. It’s expensive, yes, but wow – if you love old-fashioned beauty products and rich, thick, luxurious creams that smell like beauty products should smell like, then this is for you. I am now swapping  this in on some of my Origins mask nights because as the winter weather takes hold, my skin tends to dry out. I know this will help with it. And I also need a wee bit of help with the contour issue these days!