Origins By All Greens Foaming Deep Cleansing Mask

Origins' latest mask (and they are the No1 mask brand in the UK, in case you didn't know), is all about deep cleansing the skin - with a very different formula. This self- foaming mask is unlike any other I've tried, and is packed full of detoxifying ingredients, so you can give your skin the flush-out  that you might be giving your body if you eat healthily and exercise regularly (which is also going to help your skin, remember!). It blends … [Read more...]

Fake Bake Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum

Fake Bake have just launched another tan - just in time for the start of British summertime! The clocks went forward at the weekend, the nights are lighter, and, HOPEFULLY, the weather will warm up too! When that happens, we have to bare our skin, and, even those of us who don't normally tan, sometimes want a little bit of sunshine glow.And with coconut being a buzzword in all things beauty and health, Fake Bake have captured the zeitgeist with  … [Read more...]

Darphin latest to launch cleansing brush

These cleansing brushes are a proper' thing' now, right? If you don't already have one, or are looking for a new one, then check out the latest - from Darphin, launching in April. It's called the L'Institut Facial Sonic Cleansing and Massaging Expert. Catchy, right? Can you imagine the meeting where they came up with that one?! Anyway, regardless of its rather long name, it's actually a very good brush - and you are getting two-for-one in a … [Read more...]

Clarins Urban Oasis in Edinburgh

If you are in Edinburgh this week and this Easter weekend, then escape to the Clarins Urban Oasis at the bottom of Castle Street, at the west end of Princes Street, for a pamper. It's a brilliant innovation from Clarins, marketing at its very best. I spent around 40 minutes there this week, and it was a lovely vibe, a great place to escape and have some of that much-talked about 'me-time'. The Clarins hashtag is #ItsAllAboutYou, and for the time … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day with Olay

It's Mother's Day this weekend, so don't forget to treat the most important woman in your life. But, there's no need to go overboard. I am overwhelmed with press releases and gift ideas at this time of year, and I know that my mum would be mad if she thought I had spent a fortune on her. The best thing you can give your mum is your time, so get to see her if you can. And if you want to give her something, then one of these lovely Olay gift sets … [Read more...]

Origins Maskimizer and new Mask!

Did you know Origins are the No.1 mask brand in the UK? Well, they are. So, it's no surprise that they have come up with something new and innovative in the face mask game - The Maskimizer! It is a bit of a rubbish pun-based name, but I will forgive them that for because it's an interesting, new, product, and as a beauty writer, I love anything new. Face masks are a huge trend for this spring. Sheet masks will be everywhere. But have you ever … [Read more...]

Aveda’s Daily Light Guard

Aveda's latest big launch is a sunscreen for the face, to help prevent ageing from the sun. Sadly, when the sun shines, mixed with our joy is fear of it burning, or ageing us. The sun is wonderful - and we do need some Vitamin D, but we have to be careful of its rays, and not getting too much of it. This isn't a holiday sunscreen as such, but, if you're off on a city break, or we get a heatwave here (here's hoping!), then it's perfect. AND - … [Read more...]

Limited Edition Liz Earle Rose & Cedrat Cleanse & Polish

I've been living in a bit of a rose-scented world of late, with last week's products and fragrance post, and now this lovely new Limited Edition Rose & Cedrat Cleanse & Polish. I was a bit of a late convert to the glory of Cleanse & Polish, and I am still not completely in love with the scent of the original, but this new Limited Edition is right up my street. I'm a big rose fan, and this is heavenly. It's a very light twist on a … [Read more...]

Smelling of Roses…

Who wants roses for Valentine's Day? Yep, me too, but I'd also be equally happy with something rose-scented, because I love it. Rose is a bit of a Marmite scent - many of us love it, or really dislike it. But when you think of rose today, it's not the cloying, sickly, fake scent your granny's talc used to have! There are so many rose-fragranced products on the market, and many of them are very sophisticated, and subtle. Earlier this year I … [Read more...]

Clarins launch Multi Active Day & Night Cream

If you are aged between 30 and 39, then you need the new Clarins Multi Active Day & Night Cream collection in your beauty regime. Using cutting-edge technology and the power of plants, Clarins has created a non-stop skin care duo, which will help the key cell responsible for youthful skin - the fibroblast. This cell ensures the smooth, toned look of skin thanks to its production of collagen and elastin fibres. A fibroblast can become worn … [Read more...]