Chanel’s new Coco Mademoiselle EDP Intense

What better time to launch a new fragrance than in time for National Fragrance Week? Chanel did just that, launching their new Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum Intense on March 1, just in time for Fragrance Week, which ends this weekend. The new Coco turns things up a notch, whilst retaining much from the original scent. Like the original this flits between the freshness of citrus peel and the ardent blaze of wood, but adds beautiful … [Read more...]

Jo Malone London launch English Fields Collection

Jo Malone London launch its English Fields Collection in March and the packaging is the first thing you'll notice. Completely different to the usual packaging, the opaque two-tone bottles are lovely. The packaging represents the unexpected combination of the two ingredients  - the matte texture of the base is the cereals/grains and the pastel bottle is the fresh flowers. It does slightly irritate me that it is called the English Fields … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Beauty Buys

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow - so here are some love-themed beauty buys - buy for your gal, buy for yourself, buy for your mum, your gran, whoever! Use this Hallmark holiday to spread the love to whoever you want it, with an unexpected treat. How much would that brighten someone's day? KIKO Milano always has a cute Valentine's collection and this year is no exception. The Lip Me Lots collection is very cute. Love hearts are key - there's … [Read more...]

Jo Loves launches in Space NK across UK

If you are a fragrance fan, then pop March 1 2018 into your diary and get yourself down to your nearest Space NK or log on to and get acquainted with Jo Loves, as the brand finally launches across the UK & Ireland. Jo Loves is Jo Malone's creation, and it is beautiful. I do get a lot of samples in this game, but I never say I love something unless I really do, and it is very hard not to love Jo Loves! The fragrance guru … [Read more...]

How to beat Christmas stress

I love Christmas. But as well as being the most wonderful time of the year, it can be the most stressful. All that seasonal joy is great, but all the pressure on us to get the right presents, cook the perfect meal, decorate the perfect tree - well, it can all get a wee bit too much. So, we asked Julia Haywood, Technical Director at Tisserand Aromatherapy to let us into her stress-busting secrets, to practice as well as using Tisserand's … [Read more...]

Maison Christian Dior Glasgow and La Colle Noire

A few weeks back I stumbled across the most beautiful new Dior area in Fraser's in Glasgow. Upon further investigation, I discovered this was the new 'Maison Christian Dior' - a stunningly lovely perfume bar. It's one of just a handful to open around the world,  and I will have more info on it early next year. Safe to day, if you want to buy someone a gift of perfume, then really, you need to head in here. The packaging is stunning, and the … [Read more...]

Aveda launch Pure-Fume Hair Mists

I'm not sure how I feel about this latest launch from Aveda - the Pure-Fume Hair Mists. There are three of them, from three different corners of the globe, and all making your hair smell lovely, as well as adding softness and shine. I just don't know if I want my hair to smell. I used a new shampoo last week that was quite overpowering. I like the smell of my husband's freshly washed hair, you know, that clean smell. But I'm not a fan of … [Read more...]


Way back last Christmas, the lovely - and appropriately named - Holly, who was then a PR at Jo Malone London, told me I would love their 2017 Christmas collection. I waited a whole year for this   - and was then ill and couldn't attend the press appointment to view it! However, I can see from the images that Jo Malone London's Crazy Colourful Collection is right up my street! I love a bit of colour. All of the prints have been designed by … [Read more...]

Jo Malone London Red Roses for Breast Cancer Awareness month

It's October, and that means the beauty world turns all shades of pink, supporting Breast Cancer charities. All this week I'll feature various breast cancer beauty products and offers on this month. First up it's Jo Malone London who, once again, are donating £20 to the  Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation from every sale of their Red Roses 100ml Cologne throughout October. Whilst this is a lovely fragrance, and a great donation, it's the same … [Read more...]

NEW Oud Wood Private Blends from Tom Ford

I do love a Tom Ford fragrance. Gone are the days when the press office used to send me bottles of the stuff, but even the small lab samples are a treat to receive, and I will happily pay for Patchouli Absolu, Ombre de Hyacinth and Lavender Palm. I adore these scents. So, I am always intrigued by new additions to the collection of Private Blend fragrances. These two are Oud Wood Intense and Tobacco Oud Wood. I have only had a sniff of the … [Read more...]