Wedding Makeup with 5pm Deals

It's my wedding anniversary today - four years since the best day ever. Being a bit of a control freak, and knowing the way I like my makeup, I did my own on my wedding day. I actually did my bridesmaid's as well. But, if you are getting married, and you are thinking about getting your makeup done, then there are LOADS of makeup artists on 5pm that offer excellent rates and deals. At Flawless by Danielle in Glasgow's East End you can book in … [Read more...]

On-Trend Beauty with 5pm Deals

There is always a new trend in the beauty world. From treatments, to products, to hair colours, and nail techniques, it's hard to keep up with the latest must-have looks and beauty styles. In terms of ingredients, the latest to hit the top of the on-trend list is Cica, or Tiger Grass, or Centella Asiatica. Grown on the island of Madagascar, it's a medicinal herb, and is called Tiger Grass because Tigers apparently love to roll in it to heal … [Read more...]

Body Beauty with 5pm Deals and Liz Earle

The Liz Earle Beauty Co. launched a new Skin Replenishing Body Balm  last month, packed with goodies like shea butter, rice brand oil and black seed extract. Body beauty is often negelected, as opposed to facial beauty which we do religously every day. But summer is here (well, sort of!) and holidays are beckoning, so it is time to look after your body, pamper it a bit, get rid of the cracked skin, and maybe een indulge in a … [Read more...]

Spa Day Big Deals

It's the end of the month, time to treat yourself to one of 5pm's brilliant Big Deals. Have you seen this weather? And the rain shows no sign of letting up. So, time to enjoy some indoor entertainment, and what better way to avoid another downpour than to be cosied up in a spa? So, take advantage of the Spa Day and Afternoon Tea deal at the Melrose Spa in Edinburgh's Radisson Blue Hotel.  This fab deal is available for one or two, prices … [Read more...]

Love Your Lashes!

I LOVE mascara. It's so hard to find a good one. The Clinique Full-to-Flutter has been discontinued, and it's such a shame, as it really was the perfect mascara. But the new Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D (£22) is almost there. It did smudge a wee bit, but it looks fantastic. I have been using it for a while now - it's been on counter since mid-April - in Perfect Black and it is such a deep, inky, black, it's brilliant. The super soft … [Read more...]

Holiday Plans and Prep

Have you planned your summer break? Are you heading off anywhere soon? I've been in holiday planing mode for the last few months. And this gorgeous new Floris scent is not helping! The new Floris London Neroli Voyage EDP (£120, 100ml,, from May 2019) is a beautiful, vibrant, citrus marine fragrance, that was inspired by an expedition Edward Bodenham, Perfumery Director and Floris family member took, tracing the footsteps of his … [Read more...]

Have You Tried Aesthetic Beauty Treatments?

What's your favourite thing at the beauty salon? A manicure? Maybe a massage? Getting your eyebrows threaded, or your legs waxed, or just a basic facial to give your skin a boost?? Have you contemplated dermaplaning, or microdermabrasion, maybe even Botox, or fillers? Maybe time to stop procrastinating, and get on with booking an appointment. There are loads of deals on 5pm Spa and beauty for all sorts of aesthetic beauty treatments you might … [Read more...]

Midweek Spa Breaks with 5pm

Is there anything more indulgent than taking a break midweek? Do it! You will feel great, and you'll get a great deal too. Check 5pm Spa and Beauty out for loads of midweek spa deals. Let's start with The Spa at Charlotte Square in Edinburgh, in The Kimpton Principal Hotel. How about a Midweek Spa Treat with Lunch? You can take this from Monday to Thursday, and you get one 55 minute treatment. The spa uses Ile od Lewis seaweed brand, Ishga, and … [Read more...]

Sweet Easter Beauty Deals

It's Easter! Time to indulge yourselves with at least one chocolate egg. But let's not go overboard. Don't gorge yourself on chocolate, or face the consequences! I love this little Misslyn Chocolate Brown Duo Eyebrow Powder kit, that looks like chocolate, but just gives you great brows! (It's £8.75, at or Primark, and comes in three shades.) But there are plenty of beauty deals on 5pm to either indulge our sweet tooth … [Read more...]

Get a Great Deal on a Tan

It's that odd time of year when it's not really that warm, but it's not that cold, and some days you can shed a layer, and others, it's back to the fake fur. So, it's time to bring a little bit of a sunshine glow to your beauty routine with a fake tan. I'm not a great tanner, but I do love a bit of sparkle, and these lovely Shimmering Dry Body Oil Sprays from Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter are great for a litlte boost, and a shimmery addition to … [Read more...]