After Summer Offers from Time Bomb x QVC .. and 5pm

It's time for another QVC x Time Bomb massive deal -and this one really does have a whopping saving  - of 80 per cent on the RRP. The Après Summer Shimmer Collection also includes a new product  - the SHOW-OFF Shimmer Lotion. The deal will cost £43 + £4.95 P&P, and separately the products would actually cost £223.50. You will receive Complexion Cocktail With A Shot of B12 (100ml), Glory Days Day Cream (100ml), Smart Balm Eye Cream (15ml), … [Read more...]

Make a date to exfoliate!

Exfoliation is key to good skin. You have to sometimes slough off those dead skin cells to let the new ones shine through. I find it particularly helpful at a few different times of the year - as spring appears, before summer holidays, at the end of summer, and in the middle of winter. Exfoliating face and body is key to maintaining healthy skin. Clarins launched three new classic style exfoliators last month - their new Face Scrubs. The … [Read more...]

Fringe Benefits with 5pm

Forget the crowds, the flyers, and the sore feet at the Edinburgh Fringe, which is in full flow now - the only fringe I am interested in is one of the hair variety! I'm currently sporting my hair in a curly style - see this previous post - complete with a curly fringe. Fringes come and go from year to year - they're hard to handle in the heat, but they can also give you mega cool points - look at Debbie Harry and Florence Welch for example? They … [Read more...]

Beautiful Big Deals

It's a new month, time to treat yourself to a BIG DEAL - and  5pm Spa and Beauty has plenty of big deals to choose from.  Maybe a Spa Day is up your street, it's time for some serious massage, or a simple manicure is on the menu. Whatever your beauty needs, there's a deal for you on 5pm. Let's start with a fantastic deal at the luxurious Trump Turnberry Hotel in Ayrshire. This is a stunning property, with amazing views, beautiful decor, and a … [Read more...]

Skin Brightening with Emma Hardie and 5pm Deals

Wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots - all very annoying, and inevitable as we age. We can't stop then. We can help limit them and slow down the march, but we all age - it's inevitable. What we can do is brighten our skin though - give it back a little of the youthful glow you see in all those old photos. To do that, there are loads of brightening products, featuring various skincare ingredients that help brighten, tighten and boost. Emma … [Read more...]

Spa Treats Under £50

Sometimes, it's just time to treat yourself. Take five, get away from home life, and have a few hours to yourself to be pampered and feel relaxed. And with 5pm you can do that for less than £50. It's the same as a night out, a new pair of shoes, a new dress, or a few fancy lipsticks. But for that, you get some super spa me-time. What is not to love? In Edinburgh at The Melrose Spa at the city's Radisson Hotel on the Royal Mile, you can be in … [Read more...]

Polished Summer Feet

Granted, I've not had any sandals on for over a week now, but it is summer, and if you are heading on holiday or an eternal optimist like me, then it's time you got yourself some polished summer feet. Using a foot cream is hugely important in summer, as your feet can develop more hard skin and calluses in sandals, particularly if they are the clog soled kind I love. SVR Xerial 30/50 Extreme Crème Pieds Feet Care (£10,, … [Read more...]

Curly Hair 5pm Deals

Curly hair. It's back. You heard it here first. You will be heading for a perm by the end of this year, mark my words! I touched on this in the Beauty Trends post the other week, but with the return of 80s-tastic Stranger Things this week, curly hair was at the forefront of my mind. And on my head. I have straightened the life out of my curls for decades now, but in the last month or so decided to embrace them, as you can see on my Instagram … [Read more...]


It's the end of another month, that means another payday and time to treat yourself. You can always find a Big Deal at 5pm Spa and Beauty to suit - agreed? When it comes to pampering, it's all there, from pre-holiday waxing to a quick gel manicure, or a full body massage to whisk you away in your head, if you aren't actually going anywhere physical just yet. Let's start with this Big Deal Waxing Package at 200 SVS in Glasgow. This Big Deal is … [Read more...]

Wedding Makeup with 5pm Deals

It's my wedding anniversary today - four years since the best day ever. Being a bit of a control freak, and knowing the way I like my makeup, I did my own on my wedding day. I actually did my bridesmaid's as well. But, if you are getting married, and you are thinking about getting your makeup done, then there are LOADS of makeup artists on 5pm that offer excellent rates and deals. At Flawless by Danielle in Glasgow's East End you can book in … [Read more...]