MGC Derma New CBD Skincare Trio

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Yes, it’s another CBD brand – they are everywhere. You will use cannabinoids in your beauty regime! Okay, let me try to explain the science part of this. The skincare line was founded by pharmaceutical company MGC Pharma – trailblazers in the Phytocannabinoid industry.

They’ve created this new collection of three ranges in small batches, utilising a state of the art extraction process. At the heart of every formulation is something called Aquiol – a trademarked component. The idea here is that this vegan line is Hemp that is not an oil – the traditional formula – but Aquiol – a proprietary compound that is a real CBD material boasting greater than 98 per cent purity, that absorbs in water-based creams – so essentially doing the impossible and mixing oil and water. Yeah, I don’t really understand it either.

There are three ranges – Ageless, Everyday, and Revive. Lets take a closer look. And let me mention the packaging first – I love the muted pastel tones.

AGELESS is a range of eight products that has been specially formulated with natural active ingredients to tackle wrinkles head-on. It’s designed to give skin a helping hand before the signs of ageing become clearly visible. So, if you already have wrinkles…yeah, er, move along! Enhanced by high-purity CBD the skin will appear firmer and younger.  Products include Brightening Night Cream Eye Cream for fine lines and wrinkles, Face & Neck Serum, Facial Serum for hydration, Rejuvenating Moisturiser and Sleeping Facial.

EVERYDAY is a range of five everyday skincare essentials formulated obviously with the CBD and other natural active ingredients to leave skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. There’s a Detoxifying mask, Eye Serum for dark circles and puffiness, Skin Polish Scrub, SPF20 BB Cream and  SPF30 Day Cream.

REVIVE is a range of dermatological products which undergo strict, volunteer-based clinical tests. It features the very best of what CBD can do, formulated into three nourishing products. These anti-inflammatory, CBD-based skin treatments deliver proven success and impact on skin conditions and well-being, with measurable improvement after 30 days. There’s Botanical Blend 8 Hour Relief, Botanical Blend Deep Replenish, and Calming Hand Cream.

The products are free from – well, all sorts! Free from parabens, sulphates, animal products, paraffin, petrochemicals, silicones, aluminium salts and dyes.

Find the range at Harvey Nichols – prices are from £40 to £85.