Apothem new CBD brand launches in Harvey Nichols

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I was very fortunate to be invited to a gorgeous breakfast at Harvey Nichols a couple of weeks ago week to learn all about the latest CBD brand on the block – Apothem. This is a high-end CBD brand – the clue is in the stockist, right?

I have to confess that the CBD beauty revolution has sort of passed me by – I’m aware ofg it, but I haven’t overly researched it, or used it.  The non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant (this won’t change your state of mind) is one of the fastest-growing beauty trends of the last few years.

There are 113 different known cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol – CBD  – is just one of them. And whilst it doesn’t alter your state of mind (that’s the one called THC and there is none of that in these products), it does have therapeutic benefits, taken orally, or applied topically.

Apothem grows its own cannabis in Spain, to ensure it is as pure as possible. The brand combines pure 10 per cent CBD isolate with specially handpicked botanicals and herbs. The products contain the highest percentage of CBD in any products on sale in the UK.

We founded Apothem to disrupt the existing CBD market with a contemporary collection of products designed to set new standards in purity, quality, and strength,” says Amelia Baerlein, Co-Founder and CEO, Apothem. “At Apothem we believe in botanical synergy as we are passionate about the combined power of botanical components working in harmony with each other to create something new, and we’re committed to keeping researching and innovating.

Everything we design and make is created with real people in mind – as an addition to their everyday rituals, however they chose to live life.”

There are three products in the DROPS range, and four products in the SKIN AND BODY range, with a few more planned for next year. I am not sure what taking the drops is really meant to do. There are all sorts of studies that suggest CBD is good for everything from pain relief to anxiety treatment, to heart issues. Personally, I think there’s a massive belief system behind these type of products, but I have been giving it a go over the last few weeks, so let’s see how it continues!

We had breakfast with Colleen Quinn, a Cannabis expert, and Apothem’s formulator, whose knowledge of all things CBD is second to none.

“Without a doubt, CBD is going to become one of the most popular cosmetic ingredients because of its therapeutic benefits,” says Colleen. “It will become a standard ingredient that the cosmetic and wellness industries all use. But at Apothem we combine our pure 10 per cent CBD isolate with specially handpicked botanicals and herbs to unlock the full potential of CBD. Out isolate is accredited, which verifies its purity and confirms that it is THC-free and contains no heavy metals or residual solvents.”

Apothem has three different DROPS.

DAY is pure in formulation and taste, and is made with CBD and organic MCT oil, which is derived from coconut oil. The idea is to get into a routine of taking these drops, taking a moment to yourself a few times a day.  These drops come in 15ml for £85, and 60ml for £230.

LIGHTS OUT is an expert blend of pure CBD with key botanicals, Milky Oats and Chamomile – the delicate and soothing flavours of vanilla, cardamom and caramel make these drops delicious to take before bed. But at £170 for 30ml, don’t be drinking them!

DEFENCE is a blend of CBD with active botanicals Shiitake Mushroom, Ginger, and Echinacea. These taste citrus-like, and are really palatable. Take them on exhausting days when you feel like you need a boost. They are also £170 for 30ml.

The SKIN AND BODY products all combine pure CBD with botanicals and minerals.

MULTI (15ml £15/60ml £40) is an excellent ‘does it all’ balm. It soothes and softens and you can use it pretty much anywhere -skin, lips, nails, elbows, even ends of dried out hair. It combines pure CBD with Green Tea extract and Mango butter. It is unscented and uncomplicated.

RECHARGE (£25ml £20/100ml £55) is a luxurious cream-gel that combines the pure CBD with Magnesium, Rosemary and Eucalyptus. It’s a great product to use on the muscles after a long day or a workout.

UNPLUG (£65) is a 250g tub of pure CBD bath salts enriched with active botanicals and minerals, including Arnica, and Magnesium. The perfect way to relax the body and mind after a hard day.

SCULPT (100ml £290) is an uplifting body oil blend of pure CBD with invigorating Green Coffee and Birch and nourishing Moringa Seed oil. This oil is perfect for skin that needs some TLC.

If you are into CBD and you have the money to spend, then this gorgeous new brand is worth looking into. It’s available now at Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh, and online.