FabFitFun - USA's favourite Beauty Box is here!

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There’s a new Beauty Subscription Box on the block – all the way from the USA. Welcome, FabFitFun.

FabFitFun is actually a lifestyle membership for women, and started life in 2010 as a media company, with multi-platforms. The flagship product is the subscription box which arrived in 2013. The brand’s mission is to inspire women to lead happier, healthier lives through product and brand discovery.

The box is more than just a beauty box to be fair. The FabFitFun Box, delivers a curated collection of full-size products across beauty, fashion, wellness, fitness, home, technology and beyond – to more than 1 million members – each season.

It costs around £50 and for that you get eight to 10 products, with a total value of over £150, from premium and emerging brands. When you become a FabFitFun member, you can customise elements of your box from a curated number of products. There’s a celebrity charity element each season as well, and this box has Eva Longoria and the Global Gift Foundation USA as the partner.

I was gifted a box by FabFitFun, and it has the usual things you would expect in a summer subscription box – there’s a beach bag, a towel, lots of products, some hair ties, and a really cute necklace.

We’ve spent the last ten years building FabFitFun into one of the most beloved multi-platform lifestyle and wellness brands in the United States and Canada. Our members tell us almost daily about the positive impact FabFitFun has on their lives and we want to bring this experience to as many people in as many places as possible. As we continue to grow our international reach we are thrilled to introduce the FabFitFun membership experience to the UK –Katie Rosen Kitchens, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief.

I am a bit fickle for subscription boxes. The only one I loved was the now-defunct Lucky Dip Club that was a true mix of stuff that I loved, but even then I didn’t use all of it every month.

This one isn’t cheap, but it’s only four times a year, not monthly. However,  you also need to factor in costs for shipping from the US to the UK – so add on about £20 a month for that. But, there are some nice things in there. The box I was sent had two items that were from the customisable section – the Vix Hermanny Lotus Towel is a lovely lotus flower-shaped towel which is worth $50, apparently, but it is 100% polyester, so I’m not sure if I would ever choose this independently.

The Summer & Rose Navy Diamond Tote Bag is a good size, has great handles, but $50? Hmmm. Not so sure on that price at all. There’s a yellow gold-plated stainless steel necklace by Jennifer Zeuner, which is one of those on-trend layering necklaces, with little gold stars on it. It’s cute, but not my thing.

I like the invisibobble hair ties, but they are valued at $16 – and you can buy a pack of three at Sainsbury’s for a fiver, so I’m not so sure on the value of this one.

The beauty bits are worth it- there’s Australia’s Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask which is valued at $39 and works hard to brighten your complexion.

The Grace & Stella Rose Facial Spray is a nice product for the summer heat. It’s valued at $25.95 which is a LOT for a facial spray, so this inclusion is a good deal.

The Whish Exfoliating Foot Mask would set you back $32 – I wouldn’t buy it, because even after leaving it on for eight hours, it really didn’t do much for my horrendously dry feet!

There are other customisable beauty products to choose from every month as well – I was also sent a hair product and a suncare product.

Other customisable options for the summer box include a kimono, silicone wine glasses, and nibble bowls. If you love these boxes, and you don’t mind taking a chance on products you ‘ve never used before, then it’s quite a treat to get this through the door – it’s a massive box, jam-packed, and you get membership of the club when you subscribe. Most of the offers are US based, but you can join in the chat on the platforms online.

If you do fancy giving it a go, then log on to fabfitfun.com and follow the instructions for the UK.