Benefit Add New Brow Product Shades

2 min read

Benefit is all about extending the shade range this year – first it was Hoola, now it’s their best-selling brow products.

Benefit is the biggest brow brand in the land – if you don’t have Bene-brows, do you even have brows?! The Brow Bars are massively popular – and good.

And if you want a brow product, then Benefit is the go-to brand.The range is huge, with an amazing 12+ products,and all sort of brow kits.

And now they have added FOUR  new shades to the brow range in two of the best-selling products, so they are now available in 12 shades.  I am loving the new shade 2.75 Warm Auburn. I normally go with shade 3 Warm Light Brown, but this has given my brows a whole new dimension and it suits my orange hair.

The other new shades to choose from are 3.75 Warm Medium Brown, 2.5 Neutral Blonde, AND Grey -a cool grey shade. You can get all three new shades in two products – the Precisely, My Brow Pencil, and Good Proof.

The ultra-fine Precisely, My Brow draws incredibly natural-looking, hair-like strokes that really work brilliantly on undefined, sparse brows.

The Goof Proof is bloody brilliant. It has a custom, non-sharpen ‘good proof’ tip, and the soft formula glides on so easily creating the brow filling look you need.

Both products have a built-in spoolie – the mascara brush-like thing at the other end!

The full shade line-up is now 1 Cool Light Blonde, 2 Warm Golden Blonde, 2.5 Neutral Blonde, 2.75 Warm Auburn, 3 Warm Light Brown, 3.5 Neutral Medium Brown, 3.75 Warm Medium Brown, 4 Warm Deep Brown, 4.5 Neutral Deep Brown, 5 Warm Black Brown, 6 Cool Soft Black, and Grey

Precisely, My Brow, and Goof Proof, are both £21.50 and available now in the new shades at Benefit locations and