Unicorn Beauty

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It’s National Unicorn Day. Yes, that is a thing. The unicorn is Scotland’s national animal, so why should we not celebrate this lovely, mythical, omnipresent, beast?

Unicorns are EVERYWHERE! You can pretty much get anything unicorn-shaped, themed, or printed in 2019, but let’s concentrate on some unicorn beauty bits that you might want to get your hands on.

1. MAGICAL UNICORN NAIL STICKERS, £2.95, REXLONDON.COM – for kids, really, but who wouldn’t want unicorns on their nails?!

2. BARRY M UNICORN COLOUR-CHANGING LIP PAINT, £4.99. This yellow lipstick magically turns your pout a personal shade of pink – it’s not actually magic, but the logical explanation is not as much fun! (It’s to do with heat, and chenicals!)

3. LIME CRIME UNICORN HAIR COLOURS, £14.50 each, SELFRIDGES – we’ve given unicorns magical rainbow manes in the modern world, so why not try to create your own with these brilliant hair colours – there are loads of them in super unicorn-style shades.



4. UNICORN COSMETICS BUFF UP FOUNDATION BRUSH, £11.99, BEAUTYBAY.COM – Simople, but oh so clever. A makeup brush, but with a unicorn horn for a handle. Now why didn’t I think of that?!

5. UNICORN SNOT LIP GLOSS, £6 EACH OR £32 FOR SET, LIBERTY. I like it. It’s a gimmick, but it’s fun. These lip glosses are vegan, contain cosmetic grade glitter, and are candy floss flavoured, and great for little ones, and big kids alike.

6. MAGICAL UNICORN HAIRBRUSH, £4.95, REXLONDON.COM – keep your own mane under control with this cutesy little hairbrush.

7. MISSGUIDED UNICORN DREAMS BODY MIST, £10, THE FRAGRANCE SHOP – unicorns smell of coconut, lily of the valley, rose, dry amber, sandalwood, and vanilla, apparently!. Lovely!

8. FARSALI UNICORN ESSENCE, FROM £20, CULTBEAUTY.COM – this skin enhancing antioxidant serum is actually a is a magical cocktail of açai berry, goji berry, elderberry and blueberry extracts, which are all high in brightening vitamin C. No unicorns were harmed in the making of this product!

9. UNICORN SNOT GLITTER GEL FOR BODY AND FACE, £8.50, SELFRIDGES  – This completely non-toxic glitter gel is great for little unicorns to play about with. Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter gel?


10. UNICORN COSMETICS UNICORN LIPGLOSS, £6.99 – It’s holographic/iridescent lipgloss, in a unicorn-shaped bottle. What is not to love about this, if you are a unicorn fan?! Comes in four shades.

11. BARRY M UNICORN PRIMER DROPS, £7.99, SUPERDRUG – despite being ‘unicorn’ in name, if you are not a fan of the horned-beast, don’t let that put you off – this is a good product. Packed with things like acai berry, goji berry, watermelon and tamarind, this hybrid-serum brightens, hydrates and smoothes the skin, ready for makeup. I really like this cult primer.

12. I HEART REVOLUTION UNICORN HEART RAINBOW HIGHLIGHTER, £4.99, SUPERDRUG – again, it’s the unicorn/rainbow thing. It’s a rainbow highlighter with lots of shimmer, and it’s a cute heart shape. It’s a fiver, has great internet reviews, and was not, despite what it says, made by unicorns.

13. TOO FACED UNICORN TEARS IRIDESCENT MYSTICAL BRONZER, £25, DEBENHAMS – simply too pretty to even use! But if you do, you’re getting the warm bronze of sunlight, the ethereal glow of moonlight, and the twinkling effect of starlight. It’s infused with the brand’s unicorn scent, and the unicorn part is the Unicorn Tears highlighter. Use all together with a swirl, or separately for bronze and glow.