MAC Cosmetics tops the Instagram beauty brands

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If you’re on Instagram, you probably follow at least one beauty brand. And if you’re on Instagram you are one of one BILLION active users worldwide (as of June 2018).

So it’s no wonder brands love this platform,and recognise its  potential to engage existing and new users to like, share and feel encouraged to buy a product or service. But who reigns supreme on Insta? And which beauty brands are the ones to follow?

According to a recent survey from, MAC Cosmetics retains its crown as the most followed beauty brand, with 19.3 million followers in 2018. crunched the numbers by looking at the 50 most popular makeup brands featured on and then analysed the number of followers each brand has, using to understand the true impact these beauty brands have on social media each month.



Anastasia Beverly Hills ranks second with 17.7 million followers, whilst, Kylie Cosmetics ranks third with 17.3 million followers. When it comes to cheaper, so-called ‘drugstore brands’ NYX Professional Makeup (13.1 million) and Maybelline (7.3 million) are featured in the top 10 list. See the infographic for the full list.

So, that’s the Top Ten, but what about the brands that are fastest growing? Model, entrepreneur and social media personality, Kylie Jenner for Kylie Cosmetics reigns supreme with a whopping 421,050 monthly followers gained on average. Imagine that?!

MAC Cosmetics, although the biggest beauty brand on Instagram, came second with 369,540 average monthly followers. Likewise, Fenty Beauty benefits from an additional 292,620 followers per month on average.

NYX Professional Makeup did not feature in the list for fastest growing beauty brands, but  Maybelline, with 173,460 average monthly followers came seventh, beating Chanel Beauty and YSL beauty.

Do you follow any, or all, of those on these lists?