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Yes, I know, every time I mention the word ‘Veganuary’ my husband’s face contorts. It’s fair to say annoys him,  this constant marketing of months! But it is what it is, and if you are going vegan for January you might want to extend it to your beauty regime.

This new  brand – Utopia – is a vegan and cruelty-free skincare range. I’ve not tried it, I’ll let you know that now. There’s been a hold up on samples. On first impression from the images, I’m not altogether sure of the packaging, and I really don’t like the name – but there is a reason for it…keep reading.

Utopia Vegan Skincare

So, the brand is  vegan, and it has, apparently, adaptive technology, so it can suit all skin types. It also has  some skincare royalty behind it. It was created by Chris Smith, who is an award-winning skincare formulation scientist who invented the patented anti-ageing antioxidant complex used in the renowned Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Serum.

Our aim was to reach ‘utopia’ with each product in this new range,” says Chris Smith. “This means we’ve created only one variant of each product because it can’t be utopia if there has to be more than one day cream and more than one night cream etc. The best and most effective ingredients have been used in each product, so if, further down the line, a new wonder ingredient comes to light, it will be simply added to the current product, so effectively maintaining it as the ‘utopia’.

So, how does this new line work?

They say: “Each product is powered by a unique Derma Complex of eight clinically proven, active ingredients, which has been designed to promote a youthful, glowing complexion by reducing lines, refining pores, balancing skin hormones, firming, hydrating and brightening, and protecting against environmental aggressors such as UV rays and pollutants.”

There is a lot of talk in the press notes about ‘cutting edge adaptive skincare technology‘, and ‘nano technology‘ to adapt the product to your skin’s needs, and to penetrate the product into the epidermis, respectively.

The latter is important because the deeper the product penetrates, the more it can restore and generate collagen and elastin fibres, and we all know they play a huge part in skin ageing.

Every product in this range is suitable for vegans, and is paraben and silicone free. There are six products in total.

The Intensive Face Serum, £36, Hydrating Day Cream, £34, and Nourishing Night Cream, £34, are probably the three staples, each with ingredients proven to help with the ageing process, including Retinol and an SPF30 in the Day Cream

Utopia Skincare

I’m having a bit of a ‘neck cream’ moment these days, and this range has an Age Defying Hand, Neck and Decolletage Serum, £29, which I’m quite intrigued by.

The range is completed with an Instant Firming Eye Serum, £27, which the brand claim has the effect of a collagen injection –  I would like to try this one as well – and an Enriching Derma Gel, £24, which is an all-over body gel.

Utopia Vegan Skincare

The brand claims that their products combine all the benefits of leading products in one super enhanced formula. It’s a pretty bold claim, so I will be quite intrigued to see how it stands up when I get round to trying the products.

You can buy Utopia products from

Another vegan brand to choose is Green People. My husband has tried a few of their products and really rates them. They have over 100 products, all of them with the Vegan Society logo, but skin essentials include A Gentle Cleanse Cleanser & Makeup Remover, £18, which is a light lotion, and a Vita Min Fix Moisturiser, £17.50, an anti-ageing product which will boost collagen production.

Green People skincare essentials

I’m looking forward to trying their haircare. Their Intensive Repair Shampoo, £14, and Intensive Repair Conditioner, £14 are for dry, straightened, coloured, or blow-dried hair. I tick every one of those boxes, so it will be interesting to see how this 91% organic, vegan haircare measures up.

Green People Vegan Haircare

They also do lovely body products including Manuka & Lemon Tea Tree Hand Wash, £11.50, and a Moisturising Shower Gel, £13.

You can buy Green People products at, and