Givenchy Rouge Sculpt

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Givenchy launch their Rouge Sculpt  in September, a two-tone lipstick, each with one luminous shade on one side, and a graphic contour on the other, to perfectly frame the mouth. The finish is demi-matte, and perfectly defined. And the packaging is beautiful.

So, Givenchy’s first two-toned lipstick offers  colour and contour in a single stick. It’s all about the lips this AW, and contouring is huge.




Givenchy Rouge Sculpt


Now, forgive me for being old, but this does sort of remind me of lining the lips with a darker shade – a favourite of some in the 80s and early 90s, but not a trend I thought I’d see back!

But, if you are keen, then this limited edition collection of five lipsticks offers all the qualities of the LE ROUGE range: a creamy texture for a comfortable semi-matte finish; ultra-concentrated pigments ensuring maximum coverage; buttery beeswax and hyaluronic acid microspheres to build volume and moisturise the lips.

The shades are: No. 1 Sculpt’in Red, No. 2 Sculpt’in Dark Purple, No. 3 Sculpt’in Fuchsia, No. 4 Sculpt’in Coral, and No. 5 Sculpt’in Pink.

(The lipliner in this picture is from the Givenchy L’Autre Noir collection – see today’s other post for more on that collection.)

Givenchy Rouge Sculpte, £28, from September, at Givenchy counters, including Debenhams and House of Fraser