40 Shades of Foundation, from Lancome

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To celebrate 20 years on the market, Lancome has relaunched their Teinte Idole foundation in an incredible 40 shades – accompanied by a fantastic ‘My Shade, My Power’ campaign.

Teninte Idole Ultra 24h is now Teinte Idole Ultra Wear, in a new bottle, with the same high coverage formula. The foundation is full coverage, but feels velvety smooth, and never cakes or streaks. I really like it.

Lancome NEW Teinte Idole Ultra Wear foundation

The campaign features 40 women, and their shade, and their power. My favoured shade, 01 Beige Albatre, is the shade of Presenter Sophie Morgan, who says: “I got my power from my disability. It reminds me every day to overcome adversity and be creative within your limitations.”

You can read more on all of the women at this link

There are famous names in the campaign, including Bonnie Greer, and cyclist Laura Kenny. And loads of other amazing women, who all have a power – and who, for many, finding a foundation to match their skintone has been very difficult – until now.

Film Director Gurinder Chadha found it difficult to find a base that didn’t leave her with an ashy complexion.

It was hard to find a foundation for a woman like me. I would have to go to India to find my make-up. Luxury brands just didn’t have shades for our skin tones. It seemed they had shades to suit either white or black women, but not women like me. Consequently, I rarely wore make-up. – Gurinder Chadha

Lancome My Shade My Power 40 Women

Lancome created their huge shade range with pioneering L’Oreal Group chemist, Balanda Atis, to create this exceptionally broad shade palette, following the discovery of an ultramarine blue pigment which offers deep, pure, colour in darker foundations.

We work to scientifically understand the colours that make up the skin and how to translate that into products that are consumer-friendly, and to specific formulations that address needs around the world,” says Atis. “We adapt formulations for different climate zones – based on temperature, humidity, etc. We are at the forefront of the conversation and we’re focused on customising, personalising and thinking about every single woman individually.”

Brazil-born, London-based Marketing Director of Lancome UK shade matched each and every woman in the campaign, and working closely with them inspired the campaign slogan ‘my shade, my power’.

I’m not about to name all 40 shades here, but you can find your shade a a special online tool where you can be matched. Find it at https://lancome-shadefinder.co.uk

Lancome Teinte Idole Ultra Wear, £31.50, available now at counters nationwide, and lancome.co.uk