Bobbi Brown X Morag Myerscough Collection

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When this Bobbi Brown x Morag Myerscough collection landed on my desk, my initial reaction was one of joy – it’s so bright and bold. Not surprising, as that’s what multi-media artist Morag Myerscough is famous for.

Her award-winning, eye-catching design has transformed urban spaces around the globe. She’s converted a train car into a kinetic cafe, revitalized a children’s hospital, and built dynamic spaced within amusement parks. Her work creates a sense of community, sparks conversations, and elicits smiles.

So, the packaging for this small collection is super bright, bold and playful, and made me instantly happy.

There’s an Eye Palette, a Highlighting Powder, and two Lipsticks. I have to admit I was a WEE bit disappointed that the makeup wasn’t as bright as the packaging. I’d have loved this to have had at least one bold red lipstick in there, or a brighter eye palette.

But it’s all very wearable, and very, well, for me, a little ‘meh’ – but very saleable. I think I’ll keep mine intact and just look at the fab packaging!

My mantra is ‘make happy those who are near, and those who are far will come’ – Morag Myerscough

But, let’s have a look at the products in more detail. The Play.Dream.Love Eye palette (£36.50) has nine shades in it – Mocha, Playful Red, Sunny-side, Gold Bar, Orange Dream, Rock Steady, Coral, Sunrise Pink, and Wonderland. All very wearable eye colours and you know that the quality of Bobbi shadows.

The Highlighting Powder (£36) is Golden Rose Glow and is a lovely powder to add highlights or just an all-over highlight. The Crushed Lip Colour (£24.50) comes in Peach Passion and Rosy Dream – both are very wearable, and very inobtrusive lip shades – not for me, but universally popular.

All-in-all, it is a lovely little collection – fun packaging, and wearable shades.

Bobbi Brown X Morag Myerscough Collection is available from March 5, at Bobbi locations, and